Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Grand Kitchen At Last!

Well, it's been worth the wait.  
Worth all the dust and the noise and the $$$ and the worries 
that come with a kitchen remodel.
And it turned out pretty darn nice.  
It's not completely finished, but it's 95% done.  
I just can't wait any longer to share it with you/show it off.

The painters were here yesterday and it's looking much spiffier!

The hardware has not all arrived yet... 
The back ordered pieces should come any day now.

I haven't found the perfect counter stools yet, either.  
Just trying this one from Pier One on for size. (Too low)

But there's still lots to see.

Here's a before shot to show you what we've done.
The wall on the right was removed and the soffits 
and the header across the kitchen are also gone.
That's part of what took sooo long.  
Major structural work has to be done right.
You can see the green tape on the floor showing where the island will be placed.

Here's the same angle today!
The wall is gone, the header was raised up into the ceiling, 
the floors have been stained and refinished and much more has happened.

I love the new cabinets.  I think they're beautiful and the quality is wonderful.
The color is (closest to) Sherwin Williams Roman Column.
Cabinets have come a long way since we last remodelled our kitchen!
New is very, very nice.
Smooth, quiet drawers and self closing everything.

It took a mix of old and new, though, to fit in our house.
After a lot of fooling around with various pendant lights,
I ended up using my vintage chandeliers again! 

I just couldn't find anything that I liked better. 
And I like the mix of metals.
I know pendants are the thing right now, but just not for me.  
This post at Cote de Texas helped me arrive at that conclusion. 
And this one cemented the deal.

I just did not want the obligatory three pendants hanging down in my face 
and even more so, blocking my view of my star mullions!
If you read this post, you may remember my fixation with my star mullions.
And I love them as much as I hoped I would!
They are truly the "star" of the show.
Sorry, couldn't help it.

I added lots of trim and details for a vintage look.
Our house is an 80 year old colonial. 
I hope the kitchen looks appropriate for that.

Inset doors, lots of brackets and V-groove paneling 
and soft white paint seem like they might have been used way back then, too.

Forgive the missing knobs...
I had to spread the ones I have around so I can get each cabinet open!

A side view of the "Hutch"


I put bin pulls on this cabinet, for a vintage, hutch look.

And bun feet, also salvaged from my old kitchen 
and given a fresh coat of white paint.

Here's the refrigerator, behind those panels.  I love how it turned out.
The kitchen is very open to our family room 
and I didn't want a giant mass of stainless steel staring at me.
This is a Sub-Zero and while it may seem like a splurge, 
our last one was over 28 years old when we finally replaced it!
I think it's a good long term investment.

I found the refrigerator handles at Atlas Homewares 
and decide to use them on all of the large drawers too. 

I put the pulls on the drawers below the cooktop that hold pots and pans.

And on this one that holds baking sheets and muffin tins and broiler pans.  
Love these little luxuries!

Here's another before shot of the wall we removed.

And After...

By taking the wall out, we gained room for an island.
A big island.  
There's room for everyone now.

And after eight weeks of construction and entertaining gentlemen (workers) daily,
it's party time!

Just Grand.

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  1. Erin, it's just perfect and yes, definitely worth the wait. i love your choice of light too!

  2. Wow! It's an amazing transformation and so beautiful!

  3. Amazing! Your kitchen is a dream come true!

  4. Gorgeous Kitchen! I love all the choices you made.

  5. WOW Erin. Just gorgeous and I love the chandy. I gasped when I saw the first photo!!

  6. Oh Erin - it's just marvelous!!!!! I love everything about it! How exciting for you to have your dream kitchen! I'm so jealous ...

    :) Linda

  7. Perfectly beautiful Erin . . .
    I love it . . .
    and the chandelier too . . .

  8. It is the perfect updated kitchen that fits an 80 year old house - love it!

  9. Oh my, this is totally gorgeous. I love it and it would be my dream kitchen too. So beautiful

  10. OH. MY. GOSH.
    This will be tattooed on the back of my eyes for months now - absolutely stunning - dream come true - magnificent.
    Pinning immediately!
    What a gorgeous remodel ♥
    Visiting from Savvy Southern Style

  11. Beautiful! Can't wait to see it in person!

  12. Oh, Erin - this is just stunning! Love the soothing whites, and that marble is beautiful! Soooo lovely. Job well done. Catherine

  13. Absolutely fabulous Erin. Now you can relax at the beach cottage!

  14. Wow! I cannot wait to see the whole kitchen now. All I can say is your are quite talented and patient. I have painted cabinets before and know how extremely tedious it is. To do the finish you have done is a lot of hard work but certainly well worth it. Your cabinets are gorgeous!

  15. Your kitchen remodel is amazing! I love the cabinet that holds the baking sheets, wish I had room for that.

  16. What a beautiful transformation!! I'm gathering ideas for my own kitchen remodel that I'm planning to start soon.... I love everything you did with yours!! Are your counter tops marble? I love all the white..my all time favorite! Thanks!

    ps...Visiting from WOW!

  17. What a wonderful new kitchen!! Hope you enjoy it as you anticipated.

  18. What a beautiful kitchen! I love your star mullions, the color and style of the cabinets and those brackets and back splash! What a perfectly genius idea to take out that wall and have the space in the kitchen. I think if I was you, I'd want to spend most of my day in the kitchen and the rest of the time sitting and staring at it! I cannot wait to see how you style it.

  19. What a difference! Beautiful job! Love everything about it. Very tastefully done.

  20. Absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to start our kitchen reno : )

  21. OMG! What an incredible transformatyion! Your new kitchen looks gorgeous and it doesn't hardly resemble the before, lol! You did a great job.
    Happy 4th. of July.

  22. Gorgeous! You've given me hope, our kitchen should be finished in September and sometimes I wonder of it will ever get here! So true, it's the structural that takes soooo much time.

  23. Wow! What a huge difference! I think knocking down the wall was probably the best idea... Allowing you to make everything bigger and create a huge island! Thanks for sharing with us all!

  24. Hi Erin,

    Visiting via Kim's today at Wow, and WOW, indeed!! Your new kitchen is a vision come true. KUDOS to you for realizing that vision in all its aesthetic beauty and appreciation for its Colonial roots. We built our kitchen from scratch and it took us over 4 years to complete! My husband is a contractor and I've learned to respect all those structural features, for they are the foundation, and if the foundation is faulty, well, the prettiness can start to crumble somewhere down the line. Patience leads to perfection, and your kitchen is gorgeous and grand!


  25. Oh my loveliness. Your kitchen is devastatingly beautiful. I love each thoughtful detail you made, created and executed. You have taken my breath away.

  26. Wow, that definitely fits the title of "dream kitchen!" It looks perfect in every way. Congratulations and happy cooking!

  27. That's fantastic! I love everything about it. Beautiful job of remodeling.

  28. This is just gorgeous! I will feature today at Home Sweet Home!

  29. What a gorgeous transformation - my dream kitchen !!!
    The cupboards are out of this world and that drawer for baking accessories?
    Brilliant !

  30. LOVE! Were the cabinets a particular brand? Love them!

  31. Your kitchen is beautiful and will be perfect for many years to come! I love the classic look that will not be dated. I too am curious about the brand of cabinets.

  32. Thanks, Kelly. The cabinets are from Amish Custom Kitchens in Chicago.

  33. Great, luxurious design, unique style, cool, I really like your kitchen.

  34. Beautiful, beautiful and so functional! So glad that you used the Chandelier as IMHO it is perfect for the space. -Brenda-


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