Monday, May 12, 2014

The New Cabinets are Here! The New Cabinets are Here!

They're heeeeere!
The new cabinets have arrived and they are gorgeous!

The last three weeks have been very busy around here, but there was nothing pretty to show you.
All of the prep work- demo, new walls, electric, plumbing, drywall and floor work is done.  
All of it nece$$ary, none of it fun.

Our contractor, Doug Funk of Spengler Homes 
has done an amazing job of coordinating the project, with precision timing that makes my head spin. 
The drywall was finished on Friday and the cabinets were delivered today.
Installation starts tomorrow!!!!!
That's when the fun really begins.

I have been perusing my favorite sources, Houzz and Homebunch and Georgiana Design 
(you might say I have been obsessed with this) for design inspiration for several years now. 
I have folders and folders of kitchens I love 
but I never had that Aha! moment until I saw this kitchen on Houzz:

What caught my eye, in addition to the layout being very similar to what I was planning
were those gorgeous star mullions in the windows!
I have seen regular mullions like in the cabinets above, and criss cross mullions like in this picture below:

But I've never seen star mullions in the cabinet mullions...
  I could get excited about those. 
I drew up this sketch and Voila! I knew I had my Kitchen Inspiration.

And presto, here they are!

Even prettier than I imagined.

And see those jumbo brackets stacked up in front of the cabinet?
Those are going to be fabulous.
I have always loved brackets in kitchens.
At least ten years ago, I hired Ed Dolan, the entertainment unit surgeon from this post
and creator of many other projects, to make me some chunky brackets to update my old oak kitchen.  
They were beautiful and they added a lot of charm.  
I thought some painted brackets would do the same in the new kitchen. 

These brackets were inspiring

 As were these

Photo from Litchfield Designs

And the kitchen above also has wood panelling for the backsplash, another idea I'm in love with.
I love the old colonial, east coast vibe.  I am from New Jersey, after all...
I'll use stone behind the cooktop, but I'm planning on using 5' wide V groove panelling for the back splash.
I like tile for other people, and other projects, but not for this kitchen.  
It is so open to the family room that I don't think tile works.

You can see some of the V groove panelling inside this cabinet that will be installed over the refrigerator.

I'm trying out the basket thing here...
I want to use baskets and wood to warm up the white.

I love the look of the old wooden cutting boards here-

and here

Both images above from Cote De Texas Blog

For my own twist on this idea, I found this scalloppy cutting board at World Market
(Remember how much I love "scalloppy" things?)
and will lean it up against the panelled backsplash.

And woe to anyone who dares to actually use it!
Do you hear me, Mr. Grand?  It's for decorative purposes only...
I'll get you your own brand new cutting board.

And finally, lighting.
I fell in love with this picture from Houzz 
(along with that adorable little girl)

and I plan to hang three drum shaped burlap pendant lights over my island, 
staggering them in pattern and height.

I have something creative planned to cover the hanging cords...
The electricians were rolling their eyes when I described my idea.
They'll see.

Stay tuned!
It's going to get interesting!

Thanks for visiting.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Grace Kelly Bracelet Challenge

The Grace Kelly Bracelet Challenge 

I should start at the beginning.

Any "Castle" fans out there?
Our whole family is addicted to the ABC TV Show "Castle".  
If you haven't seen it, I envy you because you can start from the beginning 
and watch about 150 episodes and discover the delights 
of watching Castle and Beckett and Company 
cavorting through crime scenes in NYC together.
It's funny and  interesting and it's creative and fast paced.
We somehow only discovered it this winter 
and we have been binge watching the early seasons.
It's great.

Anyway, it was several weeks ago when Darling Daughter (DD) and I were watching 
the Castle episode based upon the Alfred Hitchcock movie "Rear Window
starring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. 
It occurred to us that DD had never seen the original movie 
and so, through the magic of technology and our fancy smart TV, 
we were able to push a few buttons and watch it right then and there.

DD liked the movie well enough, but we were distracted and soon became obsessed 
by Grace Kelly's wardrobe and more specifically, 
the fantastic pearl and charm bracelet she wore with that gorgeous green suit.

It is hard to find a clear picture of the bracelet 
but it looks like about six strands of pearls 
and a half a dozen large, clunky charms and lockets.

She was sooooo gorgeous in this movie.  
And she wore the whole fabulous wardrobe so perfectly. 
But that bracelet!  
We searched the internet to see if we could find one, but to no avail.
We did learn that we weren't the only ones who were smitten by the bracelet.  
There are scores of photos and style articles about it and lots of blog posts, too.
Add me to the list.
We talked about making our own bracelets 
and decided to go to the flea market together someday to find the parts.

Fast forward.
Kane County Flea Market, this past weekend.
Darling Daughter spies some vintage pearl bracelets 
and an old jewelry box filled with gold charms in the same antique booth. 
Her wonderfully young brain remembers- the Grace Kelly Bracelet Challenge.
It's On!
(We watch a lot of HGTV)

We comb through the jewelry and find the perfect strings of pearls 
and the perfect sized charms 
and we squeal (silently) together when the dealer tells us 
we can have them all for $12.00!

The bracelet was actually very easy to put together.
I've made a few bracelets over the years, so I knew just what to do.
You can read about some of them here and here and here....

I attached the charms to the clasp ends of the bracelet using jump rings
 - it helped to start with one really pretty bracelet and clasp-
and I attached the pearl bracelets together too.
The original bracelet in the movie has six strands of pearls 
and we thought about buying one long string of pearls and wrapping it six times, 
but DD is petite and we thought the six strands were too much for her.
The charms we chose have a coin theme going, even the sand "dollar"...

Here's our version:

The pearl clasp is perfect 
and the charms all bunch together well when it's closed.

Finding the "B" initial charm at the same booth told us it was meant to be.

The large coin is probably a reproduction of an Emperor Napoleon Franc.
I say probably, but we prefer to think it is genuine and worth a small fortune. 
That's way more fun! 

DD envisions herself wearing this bracelet 
to Formals at school and to work this summer.

I think it turned out very well.

Fit for my princess, for sure.

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