Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vintage Light Fixture Facelift

Little by little, 
the parts of our new kitchen are coming together.

Last week, I added some art in the back splash area 

and this week I finally found a wall sconce for the dining area!

I needed something to complement the vintage chandelier in the kitchen 

and I found a pair of sconces at The Courtyard in Hinsdale.

They are green, wrought iron fixtures with brass accents.

I thought maybe the color would work, but once I got them home, 
the green looked pretty awful.

So I got out my trusty brass metallic paint and got to work.

They have some nice details that you can see in this close up...

Here it is in brass...

I like it.  
I'm not sure where the second sconce will go, but I have some ideas....

To see how this one would work in the space, 
I banged a nail into the wall right under the old, Handy Andy fixture that's there now!

I just hung the newly painted fixture on the nail, for a an easy look-see 
until I can get the electrician over here to install it.

Here's a peek at the two fixtures on the wall in the dining area.
This dorky picture will probably go viral....

Don't judge.

My new table and chairs should be here any week now.
This old set has served us well, but it's time for the golden oak to go...

The whole table was once the color of the leaves in the center.  
Amazing how much it has faded in the sunlight.
I have the leaves in to see how I like the size - the new table will be about this same size.
I think it will work.

And I have some ideas for the space where that little desk is, on the right.
It's just there now for size and storage.

This corner cabinet used to be on that wall.
I might bring it back in and paint it to match the kitchen cabinets, 
but I want to see the new table and chairs in place first. 
This corner used to be kind of crowded and we are enjoying the open space.

The dining area is part of the kitchen as you can see here.

Much more open without that old corner cabinet, don't you think?
(But, but - I love that corner cabinet.....)

The new chairs will be taller than the old ones 
and will be upholstered in this paisley fabric...

It works with the green of the counter stools

I only ordered four new dining chairs.

I have some skirted Parsons chairs in our study that I can pull in for extra seating.
I had them recovered in the same green fabric.

Now that we're empty nesters, 
I didn't  want to feel lonely sitting down to dinner with Mr.Grand 
at a table with six chairs!
Somehow, four still feels right...

Can't wait til the new table and chairs arrive- 
I'll share them soon!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Counter Stools * Before and After!

My Kitchen is still a work in progress....

(You can see the Before and After here)

The hardware finally arrived and it looks good.  
So nice to be able to open the cabinet doors and drawers!

And my counter stools were just delivered from the upholsterer.  
You may remember these stools from this post...

Here's the before version:

I bought them at Pier One as sort of a stop gap measure 
while we debated fancier versions.

I was in favor of stools with backrests and Mr.Grand was not.  
He felt they would be a barrier when we entertain around the island.  
He doesn't have strong opinions that often, so when he does, 
I try to accommodate them.  
The problem is that most counter height stools are only 24" tall 
and to me they look kind of short in the space.

My solution was to add some upholstered cushions to the tops 
in fabric that coordinates with some other pieces in the room.  
Our kitchen is a "Great Room" and so things kind of have to flow!
You can see the sofa and chairs and pillows here.

Here the stools are with their new cushions:

The fabric is a great woven green that I used on our sofa 
and on some dining chairs that are still in the works.

I like the way they look 
and I think they will tie the kitchen and great room together nicely.
Plus they are way more comfortable...

I borrowed some vintage botanical prints from my dining room 
to use in the back splash area.
I love having the V groove paneled back splash.  
I can hammer nails in and hang whatever I want there. 
 I know I am in the minority, but I just did not want tile. 
I love it for other people, but for me, I just wanted the painted wood.

Here's a close up.

I picked these Zinnias with my friend Shaun 
 at the Dinges Farm in Michigan this morning! 

You can read about that enchanted place right here...

I have kind of a botanical theme going for my kitchen 
and I'll share that in a future post.

Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Most Incredibly Easy, Indescribably Delicious Salmon Recipe

This is your lucky day.
Today, I am sharing my best recipe with you. 
I'm going to call it 
The Most Incredibly Easy, Indescribably Delicious Salmon Recipe.
It's so easy and so delicious, it's ridiculous.

And it will make your friends think you are extremely "gourmet".  
You'll never guess where I got this recipe.
Guess again!

It's from Costco.  
Gonna let that sink in for a minute.

I first tried it at our local Costco store about five years ago.
They were offering free samples of this salmon, 
cooked on a card table, in a toaster oven, at the end of the frozen fish aisle.

Before that day, I was never a salmon fan.  
I thought it was always the slimy smoked stuff that people put on crackers.  
Like sushi.  Not for me. Nope.

Then the nice lady convinced me to try this recipe.  It smelled good.  It didn't look slimy.  
It looked flaky and crispy and good.  And it was!
I asked her how she made it.  The answer blew my mind.
You cook it from frozen!  No advanced planning or prep required. 
My favorite thing!  
I can go to the beach, or read a book or wander around the world on my iPad all day long 
and then, a half hour before Mr. Grand gets home from work and catches me, 
I can throw this in the oven and he thinks I am amazing!  
What could be better?

Here's the recipe!

Four FROZEN Costco Atlantic Salmon Filets 
(I know, they are "Farmed" Filets, not wild-
 I said it was the most delicious, not the most nutricious- 
there is some debate about wild vs farmed)
Lemon pepper
Garlic pepper 
Dried Dill weed
4 tablespoons melted butter

Preheat the oven to 425*.  
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper-
Or don't.  
You can just spray it with Pam.  
Gourmet cooks like me use parchment.  For easier clean up...

Prepare each filet separately.
Brush with melted butter, 
then sprinkle with lemon pepper, then garlic pepper 
and then the dill weed.
One at a time, because you are spreading the melted butter on frozen filets, 
and the butter hardens quickly.  You want the toppings to stick.
Here's the first one...

And then all four, ready for the oven.

Pop them in the oven for 20 - 24 minutes.

Love, love, love my KitchenAid Convection oven!
I usually cook mine using convection for 20 minutes 
and then broil them for two or three minutes
because we all love the crispy edges.

Serve em up!

In the summer, we enjoy salmon with sliced tomatoes and fresh corn from the farm stand.

Incredibly easy, Indescribably delicious!


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