Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Great Big Balls of Christmas Fun

 Just had to share my latest Christmas Decoration Masterpiece....
I know you'll appreciate it. 

You'll probably want to run out 
and buy up all the giant Christmas ornaments you can find 
and put them in something...  or not.
Probably not.  
But maybe this will at least make you smile!

I was sitting in my comfy chair last week, 
thinking about decorating for Christmas and
bemoaning the loss of my beloved window boxes.

You can see them here.  

And decorated for Christmas here.

We decided to remove the window boxes this summer.  
They were rotting and falling apart 
and repairing them would have taken a major effort.
We are gone so much of the time in the summer 
that I couldn't keep them looking Grand.
So we made the decision to remove them.  For now, anyway.

So, I have all of these giant Christmas ornaments 
and I was wondering what I could possibly do with them this year. 
What to do, what to do???  Hmmm.

Sitting right in front of me, just staring right at me, was my coffee table.
Suddenly, Inspiration happened.

I slid the glass off the table and dumped the giant ornaments inside.
Instant whimsy.  
They made me smile.
My kids loved them at Thanksgiving, so I knew I wasn't crazy.
(Unless they are, too?)

Any way, I hope they make you smile too!

Burly likes them too!
Who doesn't like shiny things?

I'm working on my Christmas tree truck thing next.

Needs a wreath on the front 
and maybe some colored twine to tie it down?

Have fun decorating!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jumping on the Bar Cart Bandwagon

I've done it!  
Because I can do it now.  
Because we are empty nesters with adult children!
(Trying to find the bright side of that...)

I have jumped on the Bar Cart Bandwagon.  
And it's kind of fun!

I have been collecting bar cart ideas on Pinterest. 
You can see them all here.

I like this one

And this one 

And I love this idea to re-use a wardrobe as a bar!

But, alas, I only have a small slip of a space for my bar cart
and a very small "cart"  
so this is where I put it.

It's opposite the island in my new kitchen 
(which you can see here)

I'm hoping the new layout will give us a better traffic pattern when we entertain.
I can set up drinks or a buffet on the island 
and keep the crowd out of the work space.
Well, I can hope...

I added the wreath for the Holidays, but I may keep one there year round.
Here it is before the wreath...

And after...

Mr. Grand likes a little whiskey 
and so I thought I'd make things easier for him.

Still need to add some wine bottles and wine some glasses below  
but I'm a little nervous about our crazy dog 
tearing around the corner to greet our guests 
and crashing into things.
We may be empty nesters, but we still have Burly to think about...

I added these sparkly lights to my Mom's opalescent pitcher, 
one of my favorite things.

And this ice bucket that I scored on ebay...

And these pretty starry glasses.

Everything is very handy now 
and ready for the Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Roasted Rosemary Grapes

I just love Pinterest, don't you?

My poor lonely cookbooks.  
Recently, when we remodeled our kitchen, one thing I did not make room for 
was an open shelf for my cook book collection.  
It seems like I rarely even pull a cook book out anymore.
Pinterest has become my go to source 
for recipes and entertainment ideas.

While browsing appetizer recipes recently,
I found this one from A Quiet Life Blog 
that looked so intriguing...

Roasted Rosemary Grapes

Don't they look delicious?

I had to try my hand at this.
I made them for some friends last night and they were a hit,
so I wanted to share this with you.
They are very simple and easy to make.

And the taste is just amazing.
Try them, you'll like them!

I'm no food stylist, but here's my version.

And here's how I did it:

Start with regular table grapes. I used red grapes,
but I'm sure you could also use green grapes,
or mix them for more color.

Wash the grapes and pull them off the stems.
Put them in a bowl and toss them with some olive oil
and salt and pepper
and some fresh rosemary sprigs.

Roast them at 400* for 25 minutes until they look roasted and juicy.
I shook the pan once while they were cooking.
Serve warm or at room temperature.

To serve,
Spread some plain goat cheese on a slice of crusty french bread
and top with the roasted grapes.

Oh, and a glass of wine goes nicely with this too...

Thanks to A Quiet Life Blog for the idea.

So easy and perfect for a Thanksgiving Appetizer!

Come follow me on Pinterest.
There's always something fun going on!

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