Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Love Blooms

Love Blooms

The perfect theme for a Wedding Shower!

I am honored to be co-hosting a Wedding Shower for a very lovely young lady
and I wanted to show you how "Love Blooms"!

Thank you, Pinterest for so many wonderful ideas.
I saw lined invitation envelopes there and knew just what to do.

I had photographed masses of these zinnias at Dinges Farm

and thought they'd be perfect for a summer Wedding Shower.

I printed Zinnia photos out and pasted them onto photo mount cards.

Then I printed more flowers for the envelope linings.

I used regular printer paper for the liners
so they would be thin enough to fold easily.
It made a lighter, softer version of the photo that I really like.
I made a template, cut them to fit and pasted them inside.

I think they'll be so lovely to open...

For favors, we'll pass out dainty little packets with labels I printed for them, 
filled with Zinnia seeds.
They are actually just little Kraft paper envelopes from Hobby Lobby.

Now, I need to fill them with Zinnia seeds....

A day or two before the shower, we'll grab the Bride to Be and her Mom 
and go to Dinges Farm and cut a million Zinnias together.
How much fun will that be? 

We'll decorate all of the tables with them.
There will be Zinnias everywhere!
Can you picture it?

The guests will also be able to take little bouquets of fresh Zinnias home as favors
And they'll have their very own Love Blooms!

Isn't that Just Grand?

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Beach Cottage Update

Hello, friends!
Time for a little beach cottage renovation update....

You remember this cottage...

It's right next door to our cottage...

and our good friends bought it last fall.

Lots of work has been done- 
you can read about it in the last update.

The interior was gutted and everything is new, inside and out.

and now all of the finish details are in the works.
I'll just show you a few of the interior things we've been working on.

There's the newly tiled fireplace 

and the sliding barn doors

custom made by a local craftsman and so awesome!

Here is a detail of the mantel

and here are the doors, ready to hang.

They look great, don't they?

I love the V-groove paneling over the fireplace and in the panels of the sliding doors.

That door hardware is massive and it will tie so many things together- 
the new TV over the fireplace, the ceiling fan 
and the chandeliers-
Look how cute this one is, with it's new bead board ceiling. 

Bead board was added to the ceilings in the bedrooms 
and V-groove paneling was added on some interior walls, too.  
It's so coastal and nautical and the texture it adds is fantastic.
Did I mention that I love V-groove paneling?

Here's a peek at the kitchen in progress.
Can you spot the V-groove?

More on the kitchen soon.  
It's nearly finished!

And now for one of my most favorite parts of the entire project...
The back of the cottage got a new entry and deck. 

There's room for a bench and some flower pots and it's going to be great.

But the best part is the new window box!
I've dreamed of a window box there for years.
Dreams do come true!

And that's Just*Grand!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fixer Upper!

Have you seen it?
Do you love it?
Do you have a little crush on Chip and Joanna like I do?
And half of America, apparently?

All Photos from HGTV Website

Chip and Joanna are the "stars" of Fixer Upper", 
a great home remodeling show on HGTV. 
It's in it's second season now and it's become my favorite show. 

They're so talented and charming and energetic and funny
and still somehow, so nice and normal.
There's nothing fake or Hollywood about them, 
and I love everything they do.

I love that they are renovating in several towns in Texas, 
one house at a time.

I love that they are saving some worthy homes, not demolishing them.
They used salvaged pieces in unexpected yet practical ways
like this island counter top made from the flooring of a truck.

I love their design style 
and their realistic, family friendly, budget friendly ideas.

I love how Chip gives all the credit to Joanna, 
calling her the new "Martha Stewart" 
even though he obviously has some serious talents of his own.

They have four ridiculously cute children  
and a fabulous farmhouse that they've renovated themselves.

They seem so genuine and family oriented.

What's not to love?

Each show starts with a family that's looking for a home in their area.  
Chip and Joanna show them three different homes in their price range, 
usually in different states of repair, with different renovation needs. 

The family chooses a home to renovate, and the fun begins.

Chip manages the construction 

and Joanna works on the design.

Here are some finished rooms...

Gorgeous, aren't they?

Something always comes up, and things are always handled gracefully.
Nobody is snarky or unpleasant. 
I really dislike the fake drama on so many of the home renovation home shows.  

None of that here. Things get done. People are happy. 

Old houses are happy-
Like this one!

You should watch it! 
Thursdays at 8:00/7C on HGTV

(All photos are from the HGTV Website!
Check it out here)

And no, I only wish I was getting paid for this post!

It's Just Grand!

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