Friday, April 6, 2012


 I hope you are enjoying the same absolutely glorious weather 
we are having here in the Midwest this spring!  
I can't remember a nicer spring.  
Or an earlier one...  
Happy Easter to everyone!

I thought you might like to see some Easter postcards from my Mom's collection.  
I love these vintage postcards.  
The colors are so wonderful and the art work so detailed.
I was not familiar with the term Eastertide used on several of the postcards, 
so I did a little research 
(Thanks again, Google) to learn what it means...
If you already know, extra credit!
It means the season of Sundays starting with Easter Sunday 
continuing on until Pentecost Sunday for a period of fifty days. 
It's also called Paschal time. 

This pretty little scene is my favorite because 
- wait for it- 
there is a cottage in the distance!

Trouble in the hen house...

More trouble... is there a theme here?

Some sort of still life gone wrong?

Happy Eastertide!
Happy Spring!
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  1. Yeah, first comment.
    I did't even know our mother had a collection of Easter and Eastertide cards. It's Just Grand that I found out. Thanks.

  2. Whew! Made it before those 50 days are up! Yeah! Your cards are charming. Hope your Easter was blessed!


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