Saturday, May 5, 2012

Candle Magic

I have some magical new candles!  

They are now lighting up our porch in the most enchanting way...
 and the best part is that they are flameless candles (battery operated)
 so there is no smoke, no mess, no fire risk.
I have four wonderful wrought iron hurricane candle holders out on the porch
and it is porch season...  
I used to have some pretty green wax pillar candles in the holders, but 
 -First World Problem Alert Here!-
 They were kind of a pain to light...


First you had to remove the rather fragile hurricane cylinders, 
light the candles and put the cylinders back on.  
Then you had to repeat the process to put them out, usually late at night, 
with possible wine induced unsteadiness.
And, again, there are four of them. 
The glass would get sooty from the candles, and fingerprints were visible too.  
So, I rarely lit them, but they sure looked pretty...  

I have been a fan of the flameless candles for a while, 
and I kept looking for green ones with a remote control to light them up.  
No luck on the green.
Mr. Grand, who can be quite ingenious, suggested that I get some white ones and paint them.
I ordered two sets of these from Amazon:

 I put them in the candle holders, and as you can clearly see, they needed to be made green again!
They just really did not show up against the white.

Time to get to work.
I didn't have the right color of spray paint, but I did have some pretty green cocktail napkins.  
I tried Mod Podging them onto a candle and - what a mess!  
Then I thought about buying some green spray paint, 
but worried that it would make the candles too opaque and the candlelight might not show.  
Then I thought of using some green vellum paper 
I had stashed away in my scrap booking pile.  


 I rolled each candle in a piece of vellum paper 
and put a tiny piece of tape on the seam so I could "scribe" the top edge.  
I just crushed the paper sharply along the top edge of the candle 
all the way around to mark a cutting line.  

Then I took the tape off, flattened the paper again and cut just a little bigger than the line.

 Then I trimmed very closely along the top edge of the candle.

 Then I taped the back with some of the new fancy scrap booking tape.  
Not a very good color match, but it's in the back and will never be seen.

Here's a candle with it's new green sleeve,
nicely transparent.

Here's one nestled in one of the iron holders.

 I could hardly wait for it to get dark that night.  
The candles were in place, and I squealed with delight, 
turning them on and off with the new little remote.  
It worked like a charm.  Easy Peasy!

 I think they look great!  
And I can change the color easily if I want to get fancy 
for the holidays or a party.

Thunderstorms were in the forecast, and Mother Nature delivered.  
It was a great show.

The candles flicker along with the lightning 
 and reflect off the windows, making it look like there are dozens of them.  
Very sparkly and charming.  

Mr. Grand thought it looked almost Church-like.  
He's so romantic.

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  1. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!!! You have such vision. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  2. I've been using the candles that run on timers for a long time, and I love them, especially for places that are hard to reach. The batteries usually last about 4 months before they have to be replaced. I didn't know they had them with a remote control too!

  3. How lovely! and clever you are - always!! cw

  4. They have remotes for battery candles? Were have I been that I missed out on that. I have a high sconce that I have to stand on a chair and reach way in to get the candle out and turn on. Also, not the best thing after a few glasses of wine! You did a great job and the room looks utterly romantic at night! ~ Maureen

  5. I need some of those! So romantic!

  6. The vellum works great. You can also load the vellum in your copier and print off a pattern. I usually do that at Halloween and print spooky images to adhere to my battery candles. Love the remote candles, will have to give them a try.

  7. So glad I saw your post. I just bought similiar sconces for my back lanai (porch in Florida) and I'm having all the issues you complained about. I will be looking for these on Amazon asap! Thanks! Your porch looks charming.

    Robin Flies South

  8. I too will be hitting Amazon very soon. Remote control candles....who knew? Obviously you did. I had no clue. Wrapping them in Velum was an awesome idea. Fabulous post.


  9. Hi Erin! Thanks so much for letting us know about those remote control battery operated candles. I did not even know that they existed. We have loved the ones that are on a timer-type thing. Your porch looks SO inviting and the candlelight makes it romantic too. Just in case you ever need this info...if you want to use regular scrapbook paper around the candles, you can make the paper translucent by rubbing it with linseed oil.

  10. yep, definitely doing this. Turned out awesome - love the green sleeves!

  11. Well, for heavens sake! I have some of those and never use them. Only at Christmas. I'm just going to go dig them out and use them..won't look like yours..but I'm all inspired. Lovely!!!

  12. That's amazing idea. Clever girl.

    It really work out fantastic & MR. Grand is so cute with his thoughts as it really look like church ambiance.

    Happy mid-week.

  13. Your web looks absolutely gorgeous. I was thinking to follow each other. Tell me what you think :X


  14. What a romantic setting. I love the mood that candles bring...

  15. They look lovely, what a great idea.


  16. I love these and I find they are so much easier to find in the stores now, too, Erin. I just bought some votive size for my glass door cabinet in the kitchen, where I keep my white pieces. I had battery operated white lights but they were more trouble than it was worth. I'm hoping these will give me the light I want in this cabinet, especially since there is no electricity and it's this or nothing!


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