Thursday, August 9, 2012

100 Women Who Care

Imagine this
What if you could collect $10,000.00 
to donate to the Charity or Organization of your choice, 
in about an hour, 
without soliciting donations from your beleaugered local merchants, 
hosting bake sales, car washes or time consuming fundraisers?
It can be done!  It is being done!  
And it's as easy as can be.

Meet "100 Women Who Care", the brainchild of Karen Dunigan of Jackson, Michigan.  
She was tired of begging local merchants for donations, 
tired of bake sales and other time and labor intensive fundraisers.  
She began a new organization for the purpose of streamlining her fundraising efforts.
The concept is so simple, it's amazing. 

100 Women gather four times a year,
committed to making a $100.00 donation each time 
to a local, registered 501(c) 3 organization. 

Here's how it works:
As the members arrive at each meeting and sign in, 
they may also write the name of an organization they wish to help promote 
on a piece of paper which is then, literally thrown into a hat. 
Then a member is randomly chosen to draw the names of three organizations from the hat.  
Those three organizations are then each described 
by the members who submitted the names
in a 5 minute (maximum) presentation before the entire group. 
After hearing the three presentations, 
the members in attendance vote for the organization 
they would most like to make a donation to that evening.  
The votes are tallied
and the name of the winning organization is announced to the group.  
Members of the group then proceed to write a check, 
on the spot, directly to the organization that has been chosen.

No middle men.  
No administrative costs.  

Nothing but the sound of 100 checks being ripped out of check books 
and $10,000.00 being immediately donated to a worthy local Charity. 
Absolutely amazing.  
A windfall for these small organizations,
 many of whom struggle to keep their doors open for lack of funding.

Our Chapter, 100+ Women Who Care of DuPage County, IL
 was established in 2007 by Sally Wiarda, of Wheaton, IL,
a veteran volunteer who saw the brilliance of the concept
and put it all together to start a Chapter in DuPage County. 
Even the meeting space for our Chapter has been generously donated
by our local Holiday Inn
so there are no costs involved. 
We have been known to enjoy a glass of wine after a meeting there, 
purely to support the Holiday Inn, of course! ;^)
Since 2007, our Chapter has donated more than $250,000.00 (!)
to many worthy local organizations - check them out here. 

Here's a photo from "We Grow Dreams",
a wonderful local organization that we chose to support last year.
Their Mission is
To provide people with disabilities 
the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives 
and to train and work 
in a supportive, safe and caring environment 
while producing and providing products 
and services to the community.

 "We Grow Dreams"

We have more than 100 Women in our chapter.... 
there are no limits and anyone can join.
And the money stays in our community
helping local residents and organizations.

And at each meeting, we also hear a short presentation 
from a member of the organization that was chosen at the previous meeting.  
They tell us how our donations were used, 
how the money was helpful to them 
and they are always very, very grateful to have been selected.
It is a very rewarding part of the meeting
and it encourages us to continue to help other groups.

There are lots of Chapters now.  If you don't have one near you, you can start one!
Check out the 100+ Women website for help....
Share this idea with your favorite causes-
it can work anywhere.
Imagine the possibilities. 
Charities, schools, clubs, towns....
Of course, men can do this, too!
Call it 100 "People" Who Care...
Any organization where you can get a group of people together who care 
about a charity or a cause 
and maybe don't have the time or the energy to physically volunteer, 
but are happy to make a monetary donation.
I have run fundraisers.  
I know how much work they are, and I know how hard it is to get volunteers.  
But there are always people who are willing to help financially.  
This idea is for them! 
And I have to tell you, 
when I hear the sounds of those checks being ripped out of those checkbooks, 
I know this organization is for me, too. 

It's so simple, so pure and so rewarding.

I belong to the DuPage County Chapter of 100 Women Who Care.
Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 14 at 7:00 PM 
at the Holiday Inn in Carol Stream, IL. 
(SW corner of Gary Avenue and North Avenue in Carol Stream)
I would love to see  you there-
Drinks for new members afterwards are on me!
Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested!

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  1. Erin, this is amazing. Such a simple concept and yet powerful. I love that it all stays within the community and really does make a difference to the charitable cause it is going to. I would love to join you...and as soon as finances allow, I would love to take part in such a moving and meaningful experience.

  2. Seriously LOVE this idea! I echo what Amy said above that it is so simple and yet has huge, lasting impact. Thank you so much for sharing it with us at Inspiration Friday last weekend...we will be featuring it this week!


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