Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Great Big Balls of Christmas Fun

 Just had to share my latest Christmas Decoration Masterpiece....
I know you'll appreciate it. 

You'll probably want to run out 
and buy up all the giant Christmas ornaments you can find 
and put them in something...  or not.
Probably not.  
But maybe this will at least make you smile!

I was sitting in my comfy chair last week, 
thinking about decorating for Christmas and
bemoaning the loss of my beloved window boxes.

You can see them here.  

And decorated for Christmas here.

We decided to remove the window boxes this summer.  
They were rotting and falling apart 
and repairing them would have taken a major effort.
We are gone so much of the time in the summer 
that I couldn't keep them looking Grand.
So we made the decision to remove them.  For now, anyway.

So, I have all of these giant Christmas ornaments 
and I was wondering what I could possibly do with them this year. 
What to do, what to do???  Hmmm.

Sitting right in front of me, just staring right at me, was my coffee table.
Suddenly, Inspiration happened.

I slid the glass off the table and dumped the giant ornaments inside.
Instant whimsy.  
They made me smile.
My kids loved them at Thanksgiving, so I knew I wasn't crazy.
(Unless they are, too?)

Any way, I hope they make you smile too!

Burly likes them too!
Who doesn't like shiny things?

I'm working on my Christmas tree truck thing next.

Needs a wreath on the front 
and maybe some colored twine to tie it down?

Have fun decorating!

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  1. Looks great!Love the idea:)
    It looks like Burly is not impressed by the fact that they are out of his reach:)


  2. Leave it to you . . . to come up with something GRAND . . .
    Delightful Erin, the truck too . . .

  3. they definitely bring a smile to my face. love that rug, too. enjoy!

  4. Your beautiful house makes my heart skip a beat...with or without window boxes.

  5. Your beautiful house makes my heart skip a beat...with or without window boxes.


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