Monday, August 31, 2015

New Little Railing

It's amazing how a little project can make such a big difference.

After many years of beseeching Mr. Grand 
to build a little railing by the side door to our lake cottage
I finally got my wish.  

While Mr. Grand was off hiking in Montana last week, 
I hired a carpenter to build the little railing.  
Two hours later, it was built and ready for paint. 

Here is the side door, before the railing was built -
(full credit to Gridley and Graves 
for this photo taken of our cottage for Cottage Style Magazine.)


For years now, I have been using the door knob 
to hang on to as I went up and down these stairs.  
Not a good idea...

But since Mr. Grand has never seen the need to hang on to anything there 
he never quite got interested in the project.

I have had several friends who have mentioned 
that a railing would be nice after using the steps 
and I knew it needed to be done.

We had some cedar planks and 4" x 4" posts left over from building our deck 
and they were perfect for the job.

I love it when a plan comes together.

I didn't want the railing to go all the way down to the bottom of the stairs 
because that walkway was just recently opened up. 

Back when we first bought the cottage, 
the walkway used to look like this:

Then this:

You can see the steps of the neighbors' cottage on the right in the photo above.  
Those steps have since been removed and the doorway has been relocated to the back.
There is much more room to walk between the cottages now.
You can read about that little project here!

The neighbor's new back steps now

and their flower box, for all to enjoy!

Such an improvement!

Back to the little railing.
Here's Mike at work on it.  
Amazing craftsman.

We repeated the spindle pattern that we used on the railing around our deck in front.

The photo above was taken before we landscaped the front
 but you can see the railing detail better this way.

Here's another great Gridley and Graves photo.

Here's the new railing before I painted it. 
It literally took Mike two hours to build this.
I was amazed. And thrilled.
Sorry about the blurry.

And here it is after a few coats of primer and paint.

The biggest dilemma was whether or not to paint the hand rail portion of the railing.

It's not painted on the front deck and the cedar has weathered nicely.
You can see it below, before the sidewalk was relocated.  
And you can read about that here...

But the top board on the outdoor shower surround is painted and it's very close by...
You can read about the Outdoor Shower here.

For now, I've decided not to paint the hand rail 
and see how it looks when it has weathered.

I know this little railing will come in HANDY when the weather gets nasty, 
all too soon...
For now, I love the way it looks.  

One of our neighbors paid us a great compliment 
when they said it looks like it's always been there.  
I'm happy with that.

It's Just Grand!

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  1. My goodness, its amazing what a difference one little item can make. It looks great and has a nice finished look! So excited when a post popped up! It was Just Grand!

  2. It looks Just Grand . . .
    And I agree with your neighbor . . . it looks like it has always been there . . .
    If not that . . . for sure, it looks like it belongs there.
    Yay for safety and good lookin' too!

  3. It's the perfect finishing touch, Erin. It looks great. That Mike must be very handy!!


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