Monday, November 14, 2011

Charming Kitchen * Before and After!

Today I would like to show off a charming kitchen recently remodeled to reflect today's lifestyle.  
I designed this kitchen for Mary Prescott and her busy family.  
You'll soon see Mary in a photo below - she's very cute- and warm and friendly.
You can see that the style and finishes she chose for her kitchen really suit her! 

Mary hired Doug Funk of Spengler Designs for this project and her cabinets were made by the Amish.
This "Before" photo shows the old entrance to the kitchen from the front hallway.  
You had to walk past this closet and turn right to get into the kitchen.

We removed this closet and the pantry behind it to gain a better traffic flow through the new kitchen. 

This sweet Viking refrigerator has been placed where the old pantry was. 
Here is the view now from the front hallway.

When you entered the old kitchen, you would see this wall on your right:

Notice the very low soffit over the sink wall. That soffit had to go....
And see how the refrigerator blocks the view into the kitchen? 

Here is the same wall, with the refrigerator relocated to the opposite wall to open things up 
and to increase the useable counter space. 

 The new Viking commercial range shines where the refrigerator was:

Isn't this tile gorgeous?  It's a mix of glass and marble. I love how Mary had it installed vertically- 
it gives it a little modern vibe.  Here is a close up of the tile:

Here is the old wall where the ovens used to be-  
They really took up some prime counterspace.  

And below is the same wall after the renovation.
When the ovens were relocated, the whole kitchen opened up!
Lots of useable new counter space and I love the drawer style microwave- one of the best appliance inventions of the last few years, IMHO.  

You can just catch a glimpse of the sink wall beyond
and one of the wonderful new bead board open shelves.

Here is a view of the sink wall, before the super low soffit was removed 
and before new windows were installed.

Here is the same wall, with taller new windows installed and the soffit removed.  
Love the custom valance, too.

And here is a view of the old back closet and that low, low soffit over the sink:

And here is the new version- now a pantry - I love the textured glass on the custom built pantry door.  
And the bead board open shelf and the new French door and the raised ceiling and the pendant light!  
Just  perfect.

Here's a close up view of one of the pendant lights and the silky, embroidered valance fabric:

Mary already had a bright and cheery breakfast nook- here is the "Before" photo:

Now there are custom built in benches and the granite table 
seems to float from the steel support attaching it to the wall.  
No table legs to get tangled up with in this cozy spot.

Notice the little coffee bar Mary has set up near the bead board open shelf, above.  
Everything she needs is right at hand!

Here is the view from the Breakfast nook looking towards the range.  
Love the snack bar, too- lots of features packed into this gracious space!

Mary used this gorgeous hardware throughout her kitchen 
and highlighted a few cabinets with these detailed backplates for the knobs.

And, at last, here is Mary and her adorable dog, Scotch.

Don't they fit the new kitchen perfectly?

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  1. Oh, I hope this works. I loved seeing the before and after pictures of Mary's kitchen. I bet she loves cooking and spending time with her family there now! You did a fantastic job! I so look forward to "Just Grand". Every time I open the blog I always get pulled in to the pictures and wonderfully cheerful, upbeat writing! Love it!

  2. This looks great!


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