Thursday, February 2, 2012

*Heather* and Other Lovely Flowers

I would like you all to meet my talented friend, Heather Ebl, a lovely lady, most aptly named.  
Heather is married and the mother of three young children, a friend to many and a fabulous Floral Designer.  She is a gracious girl with a wonderful sense of style and fun.  She's been designing floral arrangements for weddings and special occasions for 22 years! 
(Now, when you see her picture, you won't believe me, because she still looks like she's only 22!)  
She discovered her passion for flowers and horticulture early, as a Biology major 
at the University of Illinois and she even married a professional, commercial landscape contractor, 
so flowers and foliage are truly in the family. 

Heather is even sweeter than she looks.  You local folks who know her will surely agree with me!
Heather is a Certified Floral Designer, a genuine CFD, and a member of the prestigious AIFD - 
that's like a Doctorate in Flowers!

Heather designed this whimsical arrangement for the Chicago Spring Flower and Garden Show:

And here are some of her unique and gorgeous wedding designs-
These colors and textures are perfect together...

I want to get married all over again so I can have this cake!  
Chocolate and flowers!  Perfect combination.

These hanging orchid bouquets are so unusual and so beautiful!

 These flowers are so modern and elegant together.

I think Peonies might be my favorite...

Or maybe hydrangeas.....with Cala lilies... so beautiful.

 Here's a gorgeous pink wrist corsage...

And one with a beaded bracelet...

A sleek boutonniere for a lucky gentleman...

And a slightly more traditional one...

Heather has been invited to participate in the Glenbard District 87 Floral Symphony this year,
a much deserved honor.  It will be held at Glenbard West on February 29 at 7:00 PM.
Several local Floral Designers will showcase their arranging talents, live, on stage, to the symphonic music of the High School District student bands and orchestras.  The original creations designed that evening become highly sought after raffle prizes for the attendees.  It's a Win-Win evening!  
I'm sure Heather will create something amazing.

Heather makes wonderful corsages and boutonnieres for High School Dances, too.
Her prices are reasonable and  her designs are sophisticated.
As a professional floral designer, she has access to flowers and foliage from far flung places, 
and can create wonderfully unique designs for special occasions. 

It's so nice to know someone in the neighborhood with such wonderful skills!
 And she has a personal touch that makes people so happy to work with her.
I hope you'll think of her when you need flowers for your next special occasion!

Remember, Heart Hop is right around the corner...   
You can reach Heather at (630) 469-8978.
And, no, she is not paying me for this endorsement!  I just think she's really Grand!
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  1. I feel like I know Heather already! Would love for her to arrange flowers for me but distance is an issue - no doubt she's successful in her career. Was so nice to meet her! cw

  2. Hi Erin, what beautiful floral arrangements by Heather. She is very talented and obviously good at what she does. Thanks for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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