Friday, March 23, 2012

The Story of Spring

This Story of Spring begins last year when a family of chickadees made a nest in an old decorative birdhouse I just happened to hang on an empty plant hanger.  I though it looked cute and forgot all about it.  Well, the little chickadee family made themselves right at home. It was fun to watch them come and go as they built the nest and brought food home to the nestlings.

I happened to be home the day they decided to fly the coop.
It was an amazing process that I witnessed in complete wonder.

These guys are hungry and getting a little vocal....

I had to take these pictures through the glass, so they are a little foggy,
 but I think it kind of adds to the mystique...
Some close ups....


Three.... with Mom or Dad.
Notice the babies have bright yellow beaks...

I could see that the little guy below was getting kind of curious...
  He reminded me of a story told by my friend, Joan, a preschool teacher, 
about a little girl in her class who was asked to do something in front of the group.  
The little girl hesitated, squeezed her eyes closed, drew a deep breath 
and said " I need to find my brave..."
She mustered up her courage and did her little thing 
and her teacher was moved beyond words.
I think this little bird is maybe trying to find his brave, too.
Watch what happens!

One leg out.  A little awkward, perhaps....

Maybe I need to start over and try something else...

OK, now I'm really gonna do this!

Here goes!

One wing out...

And now the other one!  Whoopie!

I was so excited to see him come out and fly away 
that I didn't get a picture of that, but trust me, he did!  

And now, look who's next!

The Eternal Story of Spring....
A wonder to behold.

PS. They're back again this year!  Stay tuned....

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  1. How wonderful! we could surely learn a lot from nature and apply it to our everyday lives, one flight at a time!

  2. Amazing photostory! Thanks for sharing

  3. Baby birds have bright colored mouths/throats so they attract their parents' attention to feed them. Mother birds will actually be stimulated to feed an orange opening if they see it; even if it is not attached to a baby bird.

    Wonderful photos; thank you for posting.

  4. I'm so glad you shared that. I showed my nine year old and he loved it, too. I just found a nest in a new tree that we planted a month ago. I'll have to keep an eye on it.
    A couple of weeks ago, I was priviledged to watched two squirrels "fly the coop". Took them two days to find their brave!

  5. Loved this "finding my brave" . . .
    I agree, the sort of foggy pics make the "busting at the seams" birdies, . . . seem real.
    Really great photographs . . .


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