Friday, October 12, 2012

Cinderella Pumpkin Gets a Makeover

I think I may have outdone myself here with this project.
I have spray painted a plastic pumpkin for a link party.
Another ridiculously easy peasy project from yours truly...
Wherever do I find the time?

A little background-
When Linda from It All Started With Paint, a delightful fellow Chicago blogger, 
announced that she was hosting a link party for Fall Themed Spray Paint Projects, 
I thought, I can do that...  
I can think of something to spray paint.
But what???  
I dragged up some old flea market finds from the basement and pondered their future.
Nothing seemed quite right.  I guess they dodged the bullet this time.
I kept thinking, hoping inspiration would find me.
Talk about lazy.

I had splurged this fall on this light green "Faux" Pumpkin from Pottery Barn for the cottage.  

Pottery Barn

It's a really soft muted shade of green and goes well with my cottage colors.  
(And anyone who knows me will agree that I am a bit obsessed with my cottage colors.)

No orange pumpkins in my Beachy color scheme, 
even if Tangerine Tango is the official Pantone color of the year.
No siree, not for me.
The green pumpkin is perfect for the cottage.

I really wanted to get another one for home, but it was a splurge...
I think you can ruin a good splurge by getting another one.  
The guilt starts to set in and, well, you know how that goes.

And then I got the idea I needed for the spray paint party.

I headed straight to Michael's 
and found some Krylon spray paint in Pistachio Green 
and a garish orange "faux" plastic Cinderella shaped pumpkin on sale for half off.
Half off the regular price which was one third the price of the Pottery barn version.
Now we are talking DEAL! 

The perfect candidate for a Cinderella style pumpkin makeover.

It was a gorgeous fall afternoon so
I took the pumpkin and the paint out to my "studio" 

and proceeded to prep for the big makeover.

 Not very complicated. 
 I taped off the stem

and started spraying.

I liked the way it turned out.  
The color was very soft and very pretty.

I set it outside with some other Faux pumpkins for company
and thought, hmmmm, maybe too minty?

So I got really fancy and wiped some walnut colored stain on it.

There.  That's better.

Cinderella Pumpkin Makeover complete.  
Ready for the Ball.

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  1. The stain really finished it off perfectly! Love the colour.
    Saw you linking at the Fall in Love With Spray Paint Party
    Debbie :)

  2. It's perfect. Great idea instead of spending more for one of PB's overpriced ones.

  3. So pretty Erin - think I'll head up to Trader Joe's and see if I can find one?? doubt it - not that color, but it sure makes me think about pumpkin pie and that's "bad news" for the waistline! a.c.

  4. I've seen somewhere online where people cut off the plastic stem and hot glue on a real one. I think that is a nifty "up-cycle" as well as your color redo.

  5. Get yourself an agent Erin - and find a TV show to offer your tips to.
    Maybe start with Windy City Live??

  6. Erin great transformation! Love that color! I tried this last year on those pumpkins that are more of a rubber or silicone and the paint did not stick for me :-(

  7. I love hour your pumpkin turned out. Thanks for the tutorial.

  8. Love this idea. I used a similar technique on clay flower pots years ago. Wondering what else can be reincarnated??

  9. Erin, that looks perfect. I love that you added a little walnut stain, it softened it up even more. What a fun spray paint project. AND, your backyard looks like the perfect spray paint studio...actually, it looks like the perfect have a cup of tea and lounge kind of studio. Beautiful job.

  10. Erin,

    I'm so touched and please and honored that you wanted to create a project to link up to our spray paint party! Truly and deeply ..

    And oh what a fabulous project you shared! Just love it. And thanks for sharing such fabulous inspiration!




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