Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christkindlmarket Chicago 2012

My Book Club met last week 
for a visit to the Christkindlmarket in Chicago
and then dinner at nearby Trattoria 10.

It was a sparkly, festive affair on a crisp December evening.

We went to the market first, 
while my friends waited patiently for me to take way too many photos 
of the shiny ornaments in the tiny shops.
I have never seen so many wonderful ornaments in one place, 
and the quality and variety were truly dazzling.
I have a serious thing for colorful glass ornaments that you can read about here.
Or about my insistance on colored lights at Christmas time here.

For me, the Christkindlmarket was a little bit of heaven.
Here's a peek at what we saw.

Bountiful displays of ornaments in every color imaginable.

Hearts, hearts and more hearts.

Christmas Trees 

and pinecones in every color.

Snowy and silvery and woodsy.

Gingerbread boys and girls...

And traditional storybook boys and girls.

Their faces are so beautiful.

Icicles in every color

Including Emerald Green, 
the Pantone Color Institute Color of the Year for 2013.

Elegant winter blue icicles.

Rainbow Icicles.

Even Santa Icicles.

Old fashioned "Reflector" Ornaments 
in Gold

And rainbow colors.

These purple ones were so rich and saturated with color.

I think Mr. Grand would like this fish ornament-
he loves to fish.

And my friend Gail would love these Seahorses in tropical brights.

Or better yet, these flipflops...

You might remember our friends Angie and Matt from my Harvest in the Heartland Post.
They would like these corn-o-ments.

And my friend Alice might like this Prosecco ornament. 
We both enjoy a nice cold glass of Prosecco.  
You can read about that in my post about our Italian adventure.

There were flags and boots and bells, in red, white and blue.

Santas everywhere. 
 Rows and rows of every Santa imaginable.

What is with these Santa hats?

These guys sure look like fun!

We should have had them join us for dinner... 

I kept this dark to protect the innocent...

I love these lovely ladies!

Book Club plus Field Trip =
Delightful Evening!

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  1. Erin - thanks so much for a bright, cheery way to start the day with all the gorgeous colorful ornaments! After New Haven's tragic story, I NEEDED a splash of color and happy thoughts! a.c.

  2. Wow!!!! lovely collection, the sparkles are sprinkled so beautifully that with the amazing use of colors, the Santa is too lovely, all the toys are too pretty and wonderful.

    Oxmo udsalg

  3. What beautiful pictures. I love seeing all those ornaments. My favorite were those pine cones. The only thing, you didn't tell us if you bought any :). Looks like it was a wonderful and memorable outing.

  4. Oh my goodness!!!!! What GORGEOUS Christmas ornaments!!!!!! This reminds me of the Christmas markets in Europe. Your pictures are great!!! Merry Christmas!

  5. I love the Christkindlmarket! We didn't make it out this year, but we enjoyed it last year, along with a look at the Macy's store windows.

  6. Sorry I'm running behind times!!! What a wonderful place!! I suspect I'd have had to pack another suitcase for coming home. It's been years since I bought any new ornaments, but that would have changed my tune quickly. Hope you had a wonderful time.


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