Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Make Your Own Thin Mints!


Don't tell the Girl Scouts-
but my Sister-in-law, Sue, showed me a secret way to make your own Thin Mints style cookies...
And I think they might even be better!

I love the Girls Scouts, so don't get me wrong...
I have nothing against the Girl Scouts- in fact I've been one myself 
and I was a leader for my Darling Daughter's troop for years,
and I order Girl Scout Cookies faithfully, every year.

But they don't last forever and I'm fresh out 
so I turned to this secret recipe and made a little batch to share with you.
Well, not really.  I will probably eat them all myself before you can even get here.
But you can make your own.  

They're super simple (I love it when something is super simple, like this Tiramisu Cake)
and only require two ingredients:
A bag of Wilton Candy Melts in Chocolate Mint or Dark Cocoa Mint 
and some Ritz crackers.
You can get the candy melts at Joann's or Hobby Lobby 
or anyplace where they sell Wiltons Cake Decorating supplies.

That's it!

You melt the candy melts in a double boiler according to the directions on the bag 
and then you dip Ritz crackers into the melted chocolate, one by one, 
letting the excess chocolate drip off.
Place each dipped cracker onto a cookie sheet covered with wax paper.  
When the cookie sheet is full, pop them in the fridge for ten minutes til the chocolate is set.


Extra thick, extra chocolate-y thin mint style cookies.  

Mmmmm.  Good.
Makes about 24 cookies.


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  1. Oh my...Delish. I love putting them in the freezer.

  2. Those poor girls scouts are going to go broke now :). These look delicious. By far my favorite cookie. Glad I don't have to wait for that one time a year that the girl scouts sell them.

  3. they look so good and I am shaking looking at them because i want one so badly lol
    i'm not sure about the ritz crackers though? I have never been a fan of them. hmmmmm now i am confused. i guess don't knock them till I've tried them right?


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