Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Glorious Garden

Today we're going on a tour of an enchanted garden.
It belongs to a long time friend of ours, who wishes to remain modestly anonymous....

We have been the lucky recipients of her legendary hospitality over the years 
and have been delighted to watch her gardens and grounds become more and more wonderful.

She is creative and resourceful and tireless and generous with her garden.
This garden has been featured on many garden walks 
and they have hosted lots of fundraisers and enchanted evenings.

Come take a peek!

A gorgeous terraced hillside
presided over by this trellised arch way.

With a waterfall

And a pond at the base.

And nearby, a Potting Shed.

Probably the prettiest potting shed ever!

Here's a detail from the stone work at the base of the shed.  
This was salvaged from a broken statue and worked into the stone in such a charming way.
So resourceful!

And the path leading to the shed....

The path is made of corks, collected by friends 
and sliced in half by her Dad, 
so they don't roll when you walk on them.  

A great project for both of them, and again, so resourceful!

Flowers everywhere....

And charming garden art too...
Love this serenely placed blue gazing ball!

And the shards of pottery surrounding this bird bath...

There are fish in the pond

And frogs sunning themselves on rocks

And lily pads and flowers 

Everywhere you look, there is something whimsical and wonderful.

Check out these granite stepping stones!
They're made from the sink cut-out sections of granite countertops
and would otherwise be wasted.  

Love the logs used to create an edge to the woodland path.

More creative resourcefulness.

There's a swimming pool, too!

So tranquil.

To get there, you pass by another pond and a trellised patio.

and more flowers 

and a screened room for tea parties....

A gorgeous centerpiece from the garden's bounty.

Did I mention her legendary hospitality???

Just * Ahhhh......

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  1. Wow, Erin, such a pretty yard. Love the shed and what a unique idea using corks. That would take a lot of corks!

  2. Good Evening Erin, What a delightful garden, with so many interesting things to look at and such beautiful flowers. I love the idea of the cork pathway, at first I thought it was shingle, but on closer inspection I could see it was something different, I never imagined it would be corks sliced in half. Now that is a labour of love.
    I love the pond with the lilly pads and the little or should I say large frog sitting on the side of the pond sunning himself.
    Thank your shy friend for the tour of her beautiful garden, it was such a treat.
    Best Wishes

  3. Beautiful and charming garden . . .thank you for the tour. Happy to catch your post tonight!

  4. What a wonderful garden! Amazing ideas! Great pictures.
    I love the cork idea!!!

  5. Your anonymous friend, could she by any chance be Snow White :). Seriously, what a beautiful garden filled with so much thought and detail, color and charm. I am quite smitten.

  6. A glorious garden, indeed! That potting shed has me swooning. Just lovely.

  7. Hi Erin, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful garden with us, I cannot imagine the amount of time and love that must go into maintaining it. just beautiful! I'll be featuring this post at Be Inspired this week.

  8. Wow! What a fantastic garden! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  9. What a fabulous slice of paradise!!!
    What amazing dedication your friend must have to maintain this glorious garden!

  10. What a magical garden place!
    I could spend HOURS there.... taking it all in....
    and then swimming too.
    Please thank your kind friend for allowing you to
    share it with all of us, Erin!


  11. Such beauty, lovely detail, reminds me of a glorious botanical garden!
    Visiting from Cottage Garden Party!

  12. Your friend has a beautiful property, nicely landscaped with a diverse plant selection. I really like the cork path, a great way to repurpose them.

  13. As I looked at your wonderful photos and read your words, the movie Sabrina (Harrison Ford, not Humphrey Bogart) came to mind. The narrator (Sabrina) is talking about the house and the grounds of the estate. Your words sounded just like hers and made me want to be there to see it in person.

    Your friend has a lovely spot to live and thank you for sharing it.

  14. Just beautiful! I love the serenity of it all - it comes right off the screen!

  15. Please let your friend know that I think her garden is outstanding! & then I saw the pool and I admit I felt a little envy. For the first time in my life, I am dying to get a swimming pool!! I think the photo of the frog is my favorite. Visiting via the cottage garden party and a new follower.


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