Monday, September 23, 2013

Fabulous Fall

I love bloggers! Today, my blogging friends Babs and Lynne came to visit me in Michigan and we had a wonderful time. Lunch, blog chatting and a visit to the pumpkin patch made for a perfect fall afternoon. And to top it all off, I learned about Blogsy from them. I haven't been posting much at all lately because I've been spending a lot of time at our cottage in Michigan with only my iPad for computer company. And I've tried in vain to post on my blog from my iPad and have never had any luck. Turns out, with Blogsy, I can now post from my iPad, from anywhere I have wifi. Who knew? Not me, obviously, but here goes!
Test Post!
It's been heavenly here lately. The garden still is in its glory, the lake is blueblueblue and the weather is crisp and clear. The crowds have all gone home and the beach is all mine again.


Come visit!




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  1. There are no better words then to say . . .
    Just * Grand

  2. Ill have to give blogsy a try. I would love to post from my iPad and it is impossible using blogger. Is blogsy an app! Will have to look for it. Anyway I was recently in grand beach and it was beautiful. We had the bech all to ourselves, so gorgeous.


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