Monday, June 2, 2014

Kitchen Progress

We are making Progress.
Slowly but surely.
The cabinets are installed, the countertops are in place 
and the faucet was hooked up today! 
I'm not sure what is most exciting to me... 
It's all so beautiful!
It's truly my dream kitchen.

Each step brings us a little bit closer to functioning again.  
It's been six weeks and we are on schedule 
but I am so ready to be done....

The floors have been refinished and they look beautiful. 
I even got to eliminate some squeaky boards that have tormented me for years.

The electric work needs to be completed 
and the trim for the cabinets and doors should be finished this week.
Painting next week.   
Then the appliances can be installed and we'll be back in business!

And I'll have something pretty to show you.

In the meantime, here's a peek at what's been happening
and some thoughts on why I chose what I did.

Cabinets and countertops.....

Love those star mullions....
Here's where I got that idea....

I think the floor color turned out nicely.
A good match to the rest of the floors in the house.

Here's the sink and faucet.
And it works!
Running water is such a wonderful thing.

I chose a Brizo Beliza faucet and matching soap pump for the clean lines. 
A single handled, one hole faucet with a built in pull out spray.
There are some faucets that require three holes in the countertop for the same features!
Not on my gorgeous new Mystery White countertops.
Love that little soap pump. It's so unlike all the others....

I didn't want a lot of fuss on the island.  
It's very open to our family room and I wanted to keep it simple. 
 Plus the stone countertops are sooooo beautiful, I thought less would be more.
The sink is a trusty Elkay.
I had one for 25 years and it still looked like the day they put it in.
It was one of those bowl and a half numbers, which was all the rage in the eighties.
I always liked it, but I got tired of having two sinks and only one disposal.
Having to transfer the muck from the large sink to the small one just to use the disposal
never seemed efficient to me. I did like the large sink, though.

This time, I opted for one large sink, with one disposal.
One large sink is the most popular sink choice right now
and I'm so glad I'm in fashion
because I bucked the other current trend of really deep sinks to go with this one. 
It's only 7" deep, but when you add the thickness of the countertop
 to an undermount sink, it becomes over 8" deep.  
I have a much deeper sink in the laundry room 
where we have been doing dishes for the past six weeks 
and that's what convinced me to go "shallow".  
I'm not tall.  At all.  
And reaching down into the bottom of the deep laundry sink 
to pick up silver ware and other things is a big pain in the back for me.
Glad I've had the experience so I know what I really want.

I had treated myself to an air switch for the garbage disposal a few years ago,
and that little luxury made the move to the new countertop.
No more feeling around under the sink cabinet with wet hands,
looking for the disposal switch!
It's that button on top of the counter, next to the faucet-
so handy!
I wouldn't have it any other way again.

That's all for now!
I think I'll go wash some stuff.
There are plenty of dusty things to choose from....

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  1. Wow, Erin it is coming along so fast. I love the way it is looking!

  2. Your kitchen looks lovely so far. We are starting ours this weekend and hopefully it will be done in a couple of months. Love the countertop.

  3. So exciting . . . looking lovely, can't wait for the finish line.

  4. Erin, pretty choices with your countertop and faucet and sink. how exciting how it is all coming together.

  5. Oh I love the granite and the sink, how perfect. You kitchen is looking fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  6. Everything is just gorgeous. What counters did you go with

  7. Oh my goodness. Those cabinets and counter tops are AMAZING. I can't wait to see more of your progress..knowing you, it is going to be a breathtaking kitchen.


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