Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Most Incredibly Easy, Indescribably Delicious Salmon Recipe

This is your lucky day.
Today, I am sharing my best recipe with you. 
I'm going to call it 
The Most Incredibly Easy, Indescribably Delicious Salmon Recipe.
It's so easy and so delicious, it's ridiculous.

And it will make your friends think you are extremely "gourmet".  
You'll never guess where I got this recipe.
Guess again!

It's from Costco.  
Gonna let that sink in for a minute.

I first tried it at our local Costco store about five years ago.
They were offering free samples of this salmon, 
cooked on a card table, in a toaster oven, at the end of the frozen fish aisle.

Before that day, I was never a salmon fan.  
I thought it was always the slimy smoked stuff that people put on crackers.  
Like sushi.  Not for me. Nope.

Then the nice lady convinced me to try this recipe.  It smelled good.  It didn't look slimy.  
It looked flaky and crispy and good.  And it was!
I asked her how she made it.  The answer blew my mind.
You cook it from frozen!  No advanced planning or prep required. 
My favorite thing!  
I can go to the beach, or read a book or wander around the world on my iPad all day long 
and then, a half hour before Mr. Grand gets home from work and catches me, 
I can throw this in the oven and he thinks I am amazing!  
What could be better?

Here's the recipe!

Four FROZEN Costco Atlantic Salmon Filets 
(I know, they are "Farmed" Filets, not wild-
 I said it was the most delicious, not the most nutricious- 
there is some debate about wild vs farmed)
Lemon pepper
Garlic pepper 
Dried Dill weed
4 tablespoons melted butter

Preheat the oven to 425*.  
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper-
Or don't.  
You can just spray it with Pam.  
Gourmet cooks like me use parchment.  For easier clean up...

Prepare each filet separately.
Brush with melted butter, 
then sprinkle with lemon pepper, then garlic pepper 
and then the dill weed.
One at a time, because you are spreading the melted butter on frozen filets, 
and the butter hardens quickly.  You want the toppings to stick.
Here's the first one...

And then all four, ready for the oven.

Pop them in the oven for 20 - 24 minutes.

Love, love, love my KitchenAid Convection oven!
I usually cook mine using convection for 20 minutes 
and then broil them for two or three minutes
because we all love the crispy edges.

Serve em up!

In the summer, we enjoy salmon with sliced tomatoes and fresh corn from the farm stand.

Incredibly easy, Indescribably delicious!


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  1. Looking and sounding wonderful . . .
    I will have to give this a try . . .

  2. I never cared for salmon either....until I purchased Costco salmon. It's wonderful. I do the same thing. Butter, i use greek seasoning from Penzey's, (basically the same...lemon, pepper, little oregano and garlic), and add a bit of dillweed. Cook on the grill or in the oven. Love the crispies! So good. Hope your summer has been just grand!


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