Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Glory of Fall

We have had some wonderful weather and the Fall colors are pretty much at their peak. 
I took a stroll through the Morton Arboretum and I want to share some photos I took there. 

I love this natural collage of colors and shapes and textures.

Here is a carpet of glorious Mums- the colors are so vivid.

This pumpkin was my favorite- perfect shape and what a stem!

But this one wins for spookiness....

And these make a gorgeous still life study...

This Kale is way too pretty to eat, but it's tempting!

It was so delightful walking through these crunchy maple leaves.

I wish I'd made a note of what kind of Maple tree this was.
I would love to have one in my yard, if the oak trees would allow it...

This one leaf took my breath away...

It's amazing how the glorious Autumn light illuminates everything.

Hope you enjoyed this walk in the woods.

Will someone please leave a comment in the comment section below? 
I am starting to wonder if it works. 
I get lots of email feedback and I thank you for that. 

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  1. Erin - your photos are amazing - do you "enhance" them in some way? Really enjoying your blog! Janice

  2. Love the photographs, love the blog!

  3. Your eye for beauty and detail is astounding and continues to amaze and
    delight every time I see your work in designing kitchens. I love your close up pictures which have inspired me to take pictures from a new perspective. You rock!

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