Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Lots of Spooky Halloween images to share today -

My Mom used to collect the most wonderful, whimsical things. This first one is a vintage post card from her collection - she had a shoe box full of vintage postcards of all types and subjects. I have started my own mini collection of vintage postcards - Holidays, Chicago, Glen Ellyn, National Parks... maybe a post for another day.  I learned so much about life and the details about how things used to be from poking through antique shops and flea markets with her.  Happy Halloween, Mom!

The rest of the images I am sharing today come from an amazing blog called The Graphics Fairy.
On this website, you'll see a fascinating collection of vintage art work, all old enough to be in the public domain and free to anyone!  She is truly a Graphics Fairy! 
Check out her blog and Enjoy!

 Love this gorgeous grackle!

A Butterfly tinted especially for Halloween?

Another Spooky witch.

A Jolly little witch...

 And one more just for fun...

How about this for Halloween cheer?

Or this?

And everyone loves a nice black cat, don't they?

This one is a bit more traditional ...

I love the vintage hand colored postcards the best.

And this one would be great for crafts...

And one more pumpkin picture, just for this occasion, taken by me,

Happy Halloween to Everyone!
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  1. ooooooooo, the good witch of Delaware wishes the Bergmans a spooky halloooooweeeeen.
    Love the postcards! Good job
    Trick or treat???

  2. Happy Halloween Erin.
    I promise a Butterfly and Banana will show up to your door some point today!


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