Tuesday, December 13, 2011

*Before and After * Operation Salvage Entertainment Unit

Here comes another Before and After!  We had a dilemma.  We had a very old (22 years!) Sony TV that was bulky and outdated electronically.  We had a custom entertainment unit that I had designed for this space way back in the late 80's - it housed the TV with hideaway doors that could be closed so we could pretend there was not a gigantic TV in there.  And there were open shelves on either side intended for the tasteful display of cherished things.  Over the years, technology changed, the TV became obsolete (although still working like new...) and the shelves may have become slightly over filled...  It was time.  Mr. Grand was in dire need of a big flat screen TV- for watching football, Pawn Stars and other delights.  I was up for the challenge, because, as you may know, I have Ed!  Ed can do anything!  I call him Dr. Ed in this post because he was required to operate on our entertainment unit.  Happy to report that the surgery was a success and the patient is doing beautifully!  Look---

You would never know there was a giant TV hiding behind these doors, would you?

And when open, as it was most days, it looked even more elegant...
Proof that more is not always "More".

Mr. Grand brought home a 55" flat screen number that we assured him was not too large.
And Dr. Ed began preparations for the cabinet surgery.  
First, the bookcases on the sides were removed.

And then, the bone saw came out. 

With the center section successfully removed,

it was time for the reconstruction phase.

Here is the new 55" TV.  
And the gorgeous new wood counter top handcrafted by Ed.

Amazingly big.  Possibly too big?  
As I looked around our house, I realized it was the largest item in the entire house.  

A dilemma.  Granted, it was a "First World Dilemma", as my daughter likes to point out.  So not a real problem in terms of world poverty or hunger, but a design dilemma and in need of a solution.

The book cases could be eliminated (Nooooooo!!!!!) 
I did not like the side view of the TV with out bookcases..  
Even if we hung the TV on the wall, there would be gaps and wires and I'm not a fan of the "TV as shrine" look anyway.

Or, as planned, we could cut down the bookcases so the TV would fit in between them. 
Once I saw the new TV on the wall I was not a fan of that idea, either... 
They would be too skinny - out of proportion and practically useless for display.
 What to do?
We debated for an evening while Ed rested from the rigors of the days' operation.  
Then we went back to Costco and bought another TV - 
this time, a 46" TV that seems plenty big enough to me...

Here it is with the bookcases on the sides, a whole new open shelf across the top 
and the V-Groove paneling installed.  
Have I mentioned that I Love V-groove paneling?  Well, I do.  
I love it on the walls, inside cabinets, on the ceiling, for a backsplash, you name it, I would put V-groove there.  So, this was a golden opportunity:

The 46" TV looks plenty big to us...  
A bit of new, larger crown moulding, some new base moulding and we are good to go!
Did you notice- Ed works so neatly that the tassel hanging from the lower door was never moved???

Here is the painted and oh, so sparingly (for me!) and artfully arranged After version:

 I know, I know, still a lot of stuff on those shelves, but I can't help myself.

Here is the Before again for comparison:

It really makes the whole room seem bigger.  
Here is a side view of the cabinetry Before:

And now, after:

We love it!  
And I have made a vow to try and keep from ever over-stuffing it again.  
Wish me luck.

Oh, and by the way, since the new cabinetry is only half as deep as before, 
we now have a

Let me know if you're interested!!!

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  1. Great job, I want to see it in person. Give this girl a problem and she will solve it!! By the way, I love the new tern, "First world problem". Perfect for 99% of the things we have issues with.

    Lauren W.

  2. I liked the way you told this story Erin and illustrated the process. And then showed the before and after at the end.
    Very interesting and impressive result. Hope it serves you well until Mr. Grand wants a 70 inch.
    Happy holidays,
    Mark & Susie

  3. Love It! Looks great! & If you don't sell the birdhouse - You could take it to Michigan & put it on a 4x4 post - the birds will love it!

    LBN :D

  4. We once had a "too big" tv.... Capt. Bald sold it by saying "wife says its too big" and a bar owner bought it. We went flat screen and I must say football viewing is ever so enjoyable! I'm with Mr. Grand on this one, sorry about being downsized, but 48" is ok. I too am anxious to see it in person. It looks fabulous!

  5. That is really lovely and your tv is huge :) Good things everything turned out well.

  6. Great job, it looks perfect for there. I need to make an entertainment unit like that from scratch... first we need the tv because we also have an old big boxy one.

  7. beautifully done! I am about to tear up a tv armoire too! Love it!!!

  8. Are those majolica cheese domes on the shelves? If so, you can never have too many on display! Glad I found you on Before and After! ~ Maureen

  9. Wow, impressive!! Can I borrow you for some projects at my place?? I think your shelves look very well styled!

  10. WOW what a beautiful transformation! Love all your pretty displays too.

  11. Fantastic! Love the new table top.

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  13. Wonderful final solution!

    And what an amazing blog you have here!

    Thank you!

    Gentle hugs,


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