Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Today I would like to share with you, as Martha Stewart would say, a small portion of my Christmas Tree Pin Collection.  Of all the things I have collected over the years, this has probably been the most whimsical, enjoyable collection of all.  

I would never have noticed these little dazzlers at the flea market if it had not been for my friend, Kim, who, as always, was way ahead of me on cool things to seek out and collect.  Kim has a brand new blog, too - find it at . I have to post my Christmas Tree Pins before she does, because hers are even more fantastic and I hope she posts them soon.  

I started collecting pins at the flea market, and then, with some prodding by Mr. Grand, bidding on pins on ebay, in the very early days (1997!) with dial up modems and humans bidding on good old fashioned, real time auctions.  It was his way of finally getting me interested in the internet and computers.  That Mr. Grand is so smart....

After I had collected a few Christmas Tree Pins, I was looking for a way to display them for the Holidays. Kim already had that figured out - she has been known to wear three pins at a time on the lapel of an elegant black blazer... 
Boy, do they pop when she does that! 
I spotted the velvet pillows in a shop and inspiration came to me... 

 Over time, I have collected enough pins to cover two pillows, front and back... with extras...
Sometimes I think collecting might just be a sign of some sort of problem...

The first pin I bought was this one, below, signed by Eisenberg.  It's a Classic.  
Our grandmothers sported these 50 years ago during the holidays.  
In fact, your grandmother probably had one.  
Can I have it?  Just kidding... 


Which brings me to the next pin.  
I think this was one of the most wonderful Christmas presents I have ever received.  
This pin belonged to Mr. Grand's grandmother!  I am sure that in Mr. Grand's incredibly practical family, I may possibly be looked upon as somewhat eccentric or self indulgent or worse.  
But my sweet mother in law, after witnessing me doing the happy dance because I scored a fabulous pin on ebay, recalled her mother's pin and presented it to me as a gift the following Christmas!  
I was in tears.  To have a special family heirloom to add to my collection was so touching.  
Thank you to both Dotties!  I love this pin best of all.  
It has everything collectors prize.  It is signed, by Weiss, from the early 50's.  
It has "candles" - the baguette shaped rhinestones designed to look like candles. 
And it's in perfect condition.  Cherish is the word...

From the very beginning, I have favored the pins with multicolored stones.  
If you have ever seen the outside of our house at Christmas, you'll know I favor a few multicolored lights as well.
The next two are signed Hollycraft pins, another popular, very collectible name in jewelry.

This is the largest Christmas tree made by Weiss, a true classic, 
with lots of green, prong set stones and 6 - count them- 6! - baguette candles.  
These babies can sell for hundreds of dollars at auction and on ebay.  
I think I scored this one for $15.00 - 
I remember spying it at the flea market and talking the seller down from $25.00!

Here is the smaller version made by Weiss, with only 5 candles!   
There is a three candle version, too, but sadly, I have not found one. Yet...

This one reminds me of the Weiss trees above, but with bright Christmas colored stones.  
Sadly no candles, and not signed...

 Love the big colorful stones on the next few trees and the stylized branches.  
And some have simple trunks and others, like this, have bases.

This one is signed Hattie Carnegie and is a little more glamorous than most of mine..  

 This one was a gift from Mr. Grand, and I call it the Mother of all Christmas Tree Pins!  
The picture does not do it justice- it has garlands and stars and moveable ornaments that jingle.  
It's from Lunch at the Ritz.  Beautiful!

I love the holly leaves, the red base and of course, the bright multicolored stones.

This one positively glows - the combination of clear crystals and colored beads gives it a luminescence that is gorgeous.

I love the green branches and the giant crystal star on top!  Plus candles!

A signed Hollycraft Tree in classic Christmas colors, with giant candles.  

 A signed Art tree, with pave branches and base. 

This Art tree has enameled candles and colored crystal flames.

Another signed Art tree with a bit of a Southwest vibe...

This one was made by JJ and has such fun colored stones!

This one sparkles with a pave type of setting.

This is a mod, hip, signed Weiss tree... asymmetrical and fabulous!

Classic Hollycraft gold and crystal combo... goes with everything!

These colored candles are so vivid and unusual...

 Had to pick this one up - it's aqua and silver...  so icy and cool...

This tiny pin is unsigned but is probably a Hollycraft.
Love the big red star.

Love the sassy, a-line skirt shape of this signed Hollycraft tree.

 Non traditional colors but I love them.

 This one is signed Brooks - love the harp strings.  
There is another version of this pin that also has - wait for it- Candles!!!!  
I'm still looking for it...

 Wait, what?  Ooops!  Silly me!  I do have this Brooks pin, with candles!  
Its just that it's hiding on the other pillow...  You can see how someone could forget that...
Maybe a better post for next year....

 Merry Merry!
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  1. Hi Erin! Oh, so many beautiful Christmas tree pins and such a great way to display them! I love your pretty corner.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I'm really enjoying Just*Grand

  3. What a treat to see this collection up close and "listen" to their stories!

  4. It just proves that you can collect anything and have a lot of fun doing it. I will never forget the first time I saw your collection and was blown away. you Rock, Erin!!


  5. Hello Erin, this is getting spooky...we have one more thing in common.

    The very first pin you picture is one that I own also!

    Many years ago when my two boys were very little, they went Christmas shopping with their Dad. When they got home, my youngest could not contain himself. He revealed that Dad had picked out a gold tree pin with jewels. Um....I thought to and jewels, the big guy did ok this year...real gold and jewels..nice.

    That's when my son added that the tree pin was COVERED in colored now I realizing that we are NOT talking about real anything..too funny.

    But, you know what....I love that pin more than anything they have ever given me and wear it with pride every year.

    Love your blog and I will be back
    Janet xox

  6. What a great post and such an interesting item to collect...I never imagined there were so many very different Christmas tree pins out there. It's amazing how creative they can be in such a small space.
    thanks for stopping by my blog - I've noticed a lot of "erins" around too...I always had 3 or 4 in my class growing up, but then I didn't really hear it much (for a girl) after I left college. I've noticed that it seems to making a come back as a new baby name.
    Take care...

  7. Wow... Just fabulous... What a fun post.
    I have seen them at Thrift stores & never thought they were collectible. I will keep my eyes open to them from now on.
    Thanks for sharing yours...
    (stopping by from BNOTP)

  8. who knew christmas tree pins could be so darn amazing.... and interesting? love this post and your obsession. now i'm wondering where my grandmother's pin is right now!!

    your newest follower!!


  9. Erin, Your pins are lovely! Thanks for Sharing! - Merry Christmas ! Your Blog is Wonderful!

  10. My, My!!! so many beautiful pins for a lovely girl to wear at the merry season of the year! Enjoy each one, maybe someday another one will happen your way from "Christmas Future" never know!!! Love, Santa's Elf!

  11. What a great collection! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Two that popped out to me are the asymmetrical Weiss tree and the aqua and silver tree. Cool!

  12. What a wonderful collection! Pinning them to a pillow is such a clever idea!


  13. What a great way to display Christmas pins, great collection also!

    Visiting from the Newbie Party.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  14. How pretty. I love them. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party, and welcome to the blogging world. I look forward to seeing you again. Merry Christmas!

  15. I've been going thru your blog for about an hour and have enjoyed all the before and afters. Love the Michigan cottage. I had to comment here on the Christmas tree pins. I have a small collection too. Started collecting in Chicago and one pinned a 'necklace' of tree pins on a red sweater. Not much use for that on S. FL. so I'll try the pillow idea.


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