Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grilled Cheese Croutons!

This one is for my brother, Tom.
And for all of you, of course.
But it's for Tom because I think I have finally outdone him
in the Great Grilled Cheese Cook Off.
Tom and I have had a (fairly) friendly competition over the years
trying to determine who makes the most perfect grilled cheese sandwiches.
If I were being completely honest, I would have to give him the slightest possible edge
due to his dedication to the craft and his scientific approach.
But that's all over now.
Because I have upped the ante and made GRILLED CHEESE CROUTONS!
And they are good.

I don't like to do do actual tutorials here
because the pictures can be so ugly
and I don't like ugly
but here's how it's done.

Watch and learn, Tom.

First, make some grilled cheese.

I made three sandwiches for lunch with Mr. Grand.
One to cut up into croutons and one for each of us to devour.
You know how one grilled cheese sandwich is never quite enough?
This solves that little problem nicely.

Cut the crusts off of one grilled cheese sandwich.

Then cut it into croutons.


I tossed them into some Tomato Basil Bisque that I bought at Costco.
Do this right before serving so they stay crunchy.

As Tom would say,
Look at all that Cheesy Goodness!

Perfect lunch for a cold winter day.

Or any day.
What say you now, Tom?

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  1. OMG this is the most brilliant idea. I will have to share it with my Mom. Her favorite meal is grilled cheese and tomato soup. She even asks for it in restaurants. She will love this idea:0

  2. Notification of your most recent post reached me as I sat consuming mass quantities of horseradish cheese wedges atop Ritz crackers. So, properly, cheese is never far from my mind or stomach.
    What say I now? While I give you high marks for inventiveness, it seems quite clear that better grilled cheese croutons come from better grilled cheese sandwiches.
    Out of respect for your readers, I am compelled to note that your are being generous to yourself when you claim that my grilled cheese are better (more perfect?) by only the slightest possible edge. Aside from my dedication to the craft and scientific approach, it can now be revealed that the special secret ingredient in my grilled cheese has been "Love". Tastes yummy!


  3. YUM! What a brilliant idea looks delicious! I will be making these.Thank you Erin for sharing!

  4. This looks sooooooo good! I am gluten free, but could do this using GF bread. Thanks for the great idea! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven.

  5. I made grilled cheese croutons for the soup I served on Christmas Eve and they were a huge hit! You win.

  6. Oh yum! That is one of my hubby's favourite lunches. We will have to try the grilled cheese croutons.

  7. Shut the door!! You get a bite of sandwich with every slurp of soup! Genius! I proclaim you the winner. ;)

  8. I think you might take the lead with this delicious take on grilled cheese. Brilliant.

  9. This looks yummy! Please share your crouton idea at Weekend Kitchen Creations, Join us, share your delicious creation and get other scrumptious ideas.

  10. Mark this one as "why didn't I think of that?!" Holy fabulous idea!!!

    you are brilliant!


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