Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hey Girl.

This is gonna be fun.
I'm writing this post so I can join a "Hey Girl" Link Party.
A Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" Link Party.
If you don't know what that means, you are going to thank me for this!
Here is a link to Hey Girl on Pinterest.

Get it now?
You're welcome. 

I've loved Ryan Gosling since before I knew he was Ryan Gosling.  
He starred in one of my all time favorite movies, Lars and The Real Girl.
Click here to see the Official Trailer for the movie.
A sweet, beautiful story about love and grief and community.  
Watch it.
Again, you're welcome!

Here are a few of my favorite "Hey Girl" posters.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I have created my own "Hey Girl" Poster of Mr. Grand.
He will absolutely say DO NOT DO THIS, but secretly, I'm pretty sure
 all guys want to be featured in "Hey Girl" posters.

(This will absolutely never happen
but at least the sunset part is true!)

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  1. Hey Girl...loved this post! Love the Hey girl posters of that cutie, and your husband will be tickled to have been made into a Hey Girl poster too!!
    xo Kris

  2. Hey girl, this is so cute. I think they secretly like being featured as a Hey Girl pin-up too. Good work!
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  3. Hahahaha, "this will never happen" ... I think those words describe the perfect hey girl!

  4. First I thought awwww how sweet and then I saw the "this will never happen"...LOL

  5. Oh, cocktails and Downton. A girl can dream. Thanks for joining the link party!

  6. Ah ha ha ha ha ha...... you mean he wouldn't get you another cocktail?
    Thanks for joining in the fun, best. morning. ever. here reading all of these!!


  7. Love it! What a fun party.
    Saw you linking at The Hey Girl Valentine Party
    Debbie :)

  8. Fun. My husband actually does watch Downton Abbey with me. He doesn't bring me cocktails, but sometimes ice cream! (My kind of guy.)

  9. Girl, you have your own very handsome, my, my! Thanks for posting more of the "Hey, Girl"s with Ryan Gosling...I haven't seen most of funny...did you think of the last one? It's hilarious.

  10. Ha! I tried to get my husband to watch Downton with me . . . I failed. He has not-so-lovingly dubbed it 'Borington Abbey' :-)

  11. Those are a couple of wonderful guys in your life! Good looks, romance and thoughtfulness all wrapped up in the perfect package. If they love to fix things around the house, it must be pure heaven!

  12. I keep hearing about this Downton Abbey show, I might just have to go check it out. I mean, if your man likes it then it has to be good! Thanks for linking up!

  13. Hahaha! Now watching downton together - that's something my husband would never do either. :) Thanks for the laugh and for linking up!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  14. Too funny! I might just have to rent the first season and make my guy watch, lol!

  15. Hey could totally happen!
    Mine is going to watch!

  16. duh, of course they all want to be in our hey girl dreams! LOVE it!

  17. He looks just like Ryan Gosling!! I can't wait to show Mr. P this post. This is hilarious!

  18. I agree with Ryan. I love your blog post, too! These are so much dang fun!

    Linking from Bliss Ranch,
    Ricki Jill

  19. Oh...I am so glad that you did a hey girl with your handsome husband. These are hilarious!

  20. Hey girl - was this the best party ever????
    Fantastic post!
    Have a wonderful weekend with your wonderful man!

  21. Cute! My husband and I love to watch Downton together ;) xo Kristin

  22. LOL! This linky is so much fun!

  23. That's a cute picture of your love Erin.

  24. LOL! Downton Abbey, I make my hubby watch it too! Very clever!


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