Saturday, February 16, 2013

Soaps and Potions

What a treat!
I went to a class with some girlfriends last night 
on making soaps and lotions and scrubs 
at an enchanting shop in Chicago 

My sweet friend Jeanne organized the outing for us
to celebrate my birthday

and because we always have fun getting together.

We learned about making soaps and lotions and body oils and salt scrubs
from the shop Proprietor, Deb Kraemer, 
a Registered Aromatherapist 
and all around lotion/potion magician.

The shop is full of delightful sights and colors and most of all, fragrances,
all smelling fresh and natural and wonderful.

It's like a beautiful laboratory
with colorful bottles and artful displays everywhere.
The soap artisans here make all of their products in house,
using olive oil, homegrown herbs and botanicals and pure essential oils. 

Deb is very conscious of only using healthy, positive ingredients
in her products and for your skin.
She's a fountain of interesting information about all of the ingredients 
and their purposes and delights.

They offer classes on making soaps, lotions, body oils, balms, salt scrubs and more.
They also do custom orders with private labeling for gifts and promotions.
Their labels and wraps and ribbons and trims are very festive and fun,
making the products irresistable.
Think company gifts and Christmas presents....
I know I am.

Here are some of their wonderful soaps-
Like these citrus blends

 And the Earth Series

The Collection:

Beautifully presented gift boxes

Vintage looking labels on Rinses and Salves

And vibrant labels on "Juiced"- Jeanne's favorite.

Deb travels to local lavender farms for the fresh lavender for this collection:

Morning blend, a coffee scented soap.  
Wake up!

Soft and pretty Rose Buds

Shea Butter options for the lips

And Chicago soap with custom labels
I bought this for our guest bath.
So whimsical and fun!

We melted down shea butter and beeswax and added our own choices of essential oils for fragrance
and made a luscious balm for our chapped hands
and other winter weary body parts.

I chose Sweet Orange and it's wonderful!

Then we mixed our own bath salts
choosing from exotic salts from all over the world.
We added our own choices of fragrance and some flower petals and essential oils
and mixed them up by hand
and put them in wonderful containers to take home.

Again, Sweet Orange for me.  
The other fragrance options were many, including Pine and Ocean Breeze 
and Peppermint and Lavender and Bergamot and on and on and on.

Choosing our scents was the hardest part,
probably because Deb had everything else very organized and ready to go.

But the ingredients are luscious, simple and pure 
and anyone can do it.


Thanks, Jeanne!
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  1. Hi Erin,
    Looks like it was a very fun outing!

  2. What a fun place to go with friends!I bet it smelled amazing in there!

  3. Oh, how fun! What a nice birthday treat!

  4. I would love more information of where this is . . . I would love to takea class!


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