Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Beaded Ball Jewelry

Beaded Ball Earrings

Seems like every winter, when the temperature drops and the snow flies, 
I start to hole up in my cozy craft/laundry room 
and make a little jewelry.

One year, I made bracelets out of vintage earrings

You can read about them here.

Then there was this icy collection.
I love using crystal pearls and liquid silver beads.  
They are inexpensive and so shiny!

And who could forget this festive bracelet???

Lots of fun to make and wear.

This year's project was to learn how to make beaded balls.  
My sweet friend Alice had given me this amethyst beaded ball pendant for my birthday 

and I wanted to try my hand at making one.

I took my Darling Daughter's advice 
and searched for directions for making beaded ball earrings on YouTube, 
and low and behold, there was everything I ever needed to know about making them. 
 And more, of course.
Let's forget about going down that rabbit hole that is YouTube...

Here's a closer look at the pendant Alice gave me.

It's basically a woven ball of beads.  
You can see the star shaped clusters woven together here in the first one I tried making.

You can just slide your favorite chain necklace right through the openings and you have a pendant.
I used bi-cone beads here instead of round, to show the star shape more clearly.

Then I made this one, using some aqua rondelle shaped beads 

And then I tried my hand at making a smaller version, for earrings.
I love these sparkly blue ones.  
They can dress up denim or play up some one's beautiful blue eyes.

These are an iridescent green and blue mix, my favorite color combo.

Then, for New Year's Eve, or any event requiring a bit of silvery sparkle, 
I made these earrings.

And this pendant to coordinate.

It's been fun learning how to weave with beads.  
This YouTube video was essential. 
The directions and supplies you'll need are described at the beginning. 
The steps are not at all hard, 
but they have to be done in the right order. 

Aren't they Just*Grand?

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  1. You've got talent, Erin! Really like the earrings. We're in FL for three months. All my supplies at home so I guess I will simply admire yours. Hope all is well....that your holidays were filled with family and fun and wishing you a great 2016. May be this will be the year we can connect again! Hugs....

  2. So pretty! You are really talented and I love everything you have made both then and now :-)

  3. Just Grand indeed . . .
    Love each/all . . .
    The blue is yummy . . .

  4. Erin, you are inspiration indeed....all my vintage and one-left earrings now are useful. Just Grand!!!

  5. I LOVE vintage earrings, as I don't have pierced ears, so am always looking out for them. You've got some lovely ones and made some sweet pieces out of them.



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