Monday, January 18, 2016

The Mother of all Cutting Boards

Maybe you have noticed- 
wooden cutting boards of all shapes and sizes are in.
They come in the shape of animals and states and paddles and circles.

And I am not immune to their charms.
When we remodeled our kitchen last year, 
I had visions of layering the walls with warm wooden cutting boards like these 
at Patina Farm

And then, in a shop in Michigan, I saw this one...

The Mother of all cutting boards.

It was Expensive.
I didn't buy it.
I regretted that.
I agonized. 
I went back to buy it 
and it was GONE.
It was a one of a kind and there were no more to be had.

I bemoaned the loss loudly to whoever would listen 
and might possibly be in need of gifts ideas for me.

I mentioned that someone could probably make one. 
Or have one made.

A year later, I was still obsessed with this cutting board.
I could envision it on my new island, 
groaning under the weight of fruit and cheese at a party, 
surrounded by friends who insist on standing around the new island.
It would be perfect.

So I went to a store that specializes in hardwoods 
and I found the perfect piece of teak.
It was 13' wide by 42" long.  
Here it is in it's raw state.

I took it to my friend Ed Dolan 
and beseeched him to make it into a cutting board.
Ed agreed to take the challenge.
He's a talented guy.

We plotted out the shape and Ed got to work.

Today, he delivered.

It's awesome.

Here it is, before any finish is applied.

It fits perfectly across the island.

I put some special food grade cutting board oil on it 
and it's even prettier now!

Warm and rich looking.  Really gorgeous.

And when it's not in use, I'm going to hang it on the side of my oven cabinet.
I've been itching to put something there.
Here it is, leaning there, to show you how big this thing is!

It looks nice with this over sized wicker serving tray 
that I scooped up at the flea market last year.

Between the two of them, the island is ready for a party!
Me, too.

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  1. Your kitchen is gorgeous and that cutting board Ed made is wonderful!
    I think he has a new career.
    I know what you mean about being sorry you didn't buy the one in the shop but I think yours is better because it's made from a single board.
    xo, Rosemary

  2. Only You . . .
    LOVE IT!

  3. Oh! Sometimes things just work out. That's fantastic!

  4. Wow, your kitchen is outstanding. I found you through Nancy at A Joyful Cottage. That is one fabulous cutting board, too. Everyone needs an Ed! ;)

  5. Wow.

    What can I say other than it is a joy to see someone's dreams come true through HARD WORK. That cottage was lovingly saved from further dilapidation and now that entire environment has a new look! The VIEW - LAKE MICHIGAN IS GORGEOUS! And the color scheme of the cottage with the aqua accents is just perfectly done. Every room has been beautifully arranged in order to make small very, very attractive and efficient. With a small home, we learn to make with what we have and to be creative. No need for any HUGE homes - this is living.

    Fabulous renovation, ERIN!


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