Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dining Room *Grand* Mash-up

Today I am going to show you a mini make-over of our dining room here on Grand Avenue.  
Really only a few small changes - fresh paint and new drapery fabric, 
but they have freshened it up for me.
 In the picture below, you will see the dining room in a picture from a few years ago.  
I loved the washed matalasse drapes I had made, with the french flop valance and the tasselly trim, but the sun had done some serious damage to the fabric and it was looking shabby, but not chic.  
I spotted the green fabric and the deal was done. Some of you careful observers will notice that this is the same fabric used in the living room make over and you get a gold star!!! 
My talented seamstress friend Patti patiently removed the tassel trim from the faded red drapes and made me some gorgeous new green taffeta drapes, re- using the same trim. 
Patti will be mad at me for calling them "drapes", but I just can't stand saying "window treatments"!  At least I didn't say "curtains"...  That's a mortal sin, apparently.  
Anyhoo, here is the before of the old dining room paint color and the red drapes:

The wall paint was a khaki color that looked good on the sample, but in my house, it made everyone in the room look a little drab... I never loved it.  
We chose a lighter, glowy yellow gold for the walls and here they are with the new drapes:

It looks much fresher to me, lighter and sunnier, a little bit luminous 
and you careful observers know how much I like things to be luminous!  
Since we basically live in the woods (14 oak trees!) this room only gets sunlight in the morning.  
And I am rarely dining here in the morning... 
So lighter and brighter is always better for me.

 Here is a close up of the new green drapes sporting their tasselly trim:

And here's the dining room table, set for lunch in a simple silver, green and white color scheme.

 I recovered the vanilla looking fabric on the dining chairs with 4 different printed fabrics - 
and the shades on the chandelier are also different - a mash-up, if you will...  
When I was trying to decide which fabric to use to recover the chairs, I had lots of fabric left over from various projects in the house. I laid them out on the chairs and I loved them all, 
so I thought - why not use them all?  
There are four different fabrics on eight chairs, since I love symmetry, even in my mash-ups.  
You careful observers might recognize some of the chair fabrics, too.

Forgive the different lighting in the above photos -
the chairs really do look nice together in the same room.
Does this help?

I loved being able to use the leftover fabrics.  
Now, what to do with the boxes of fabric in the basement 
from when I worked in a fabric store in High School???   

Here's the chandelier with two different kinds of shades.  What do you think?  
The kraft paper colored ones were nice, but seemed kind of blah
and using all red paisley ones made the room too dark, so...

A Mash -up!

And here's a sneak peak at my red transfer ware collection- it's on display in the dining room-
maybe a nice Valentines Day post...

Does this house look familiar to anyone else?
I guess I just like what I like...

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  1. I love seeing the different fabrics on the chairs seats. You definitely have the color eye!

  2. I do like the different fabric on the chairs and shades. I'm leaning toward light in decor now as well. Beautiful redo! ~ Maureen

  3. Erin - what a beautiful dining room! You are so gifted for colors and texture/shapes - probably some of it from your mom. And, of course, your sewing expertise is also a gift. I love the chandelier!! and the different fabrics on the chairs - very unusual. It's a House Beautifu magazine picture!! a.c.

  4. Our shabby never looked chic either. I'm digging your green and love your picture with green on the table and plates. Thanks.

    1. I am so excited to have found your blog... I think it's fascinating! Then I went to one of your featured blogs, Pretty Old Houses, and I am following that one too. Houses are so much fun!!!! Not enough hours in the day...

  5. Oh,my...............the "little" make-over changes this dining room completely! Love the new window treatment and adore the chair covers. Job well done!

  6. Love the lighter look! The new drapes look fantastic with the new wall color, and I think the use of different fabrics on the chairs and shades is so much fun! I'd have never have been brave enough to do it, but love the look and am saving it for the future. I'm in love with that last fabric. Do you remember the name of it?

  7. Beautiful!

    I especially love how you used different fabrics on the chairs. So fun to mix and match!

    I would absolutely love it if you would link this up at my FREE-FOR-ALL linky party going on right now!
    So looking forward to seeing you there!

    P.S. I'm a new follower. : )

    P.P.S. (: )) Every link counts as an entry into my Cutting Edge ($50) stencil giveaway!

    ~Abbie (

  8. I think it goes to show how a lighter shade of paint can really update a room.
    Moreover, I don't think many would think to put multiple patterns on chairs YET in this case it really works. I wonder which one Erin chooses to sit in. Everyone probably has their favorite.
    Nice mini makeover Erin.

  9. I love green and yellow with touches of red. It looks pretty for every season. I also like your green carpet because the wood tones are so nice against it.
    The different chair covers are great. It's any easy, inexpensive switch when you want a change later.

  10. I love all of the colors in your dining room from the drapes, to the carpet to the walls. So pretty. How FUN to cover each chair in a different that idea! You have a beautiful dining room.


  11. p.s.
    Love your style and your blog. I'm a new follower.


  12. Good idea on using different fabrics on the chairs. That breaks up the matchy-ness. (is that a word?)

  13. LOVE all the different fabrics you used on your chairs, they look great!!

  14. love that you mixed up the fabrics on the chairs! and, yes, the lighter and brighter room looks beautiful!!

  15. I love the new lighter more luminous room!
    Looks great and I love the chairs and their fabrics.

  16. TO: Alison

    Yeah! me too! I love a room with lighter color that has a less bulky furniture in it and i love it to be simple.

  17. A very pretty room! Love your new drapes!

  18. Im updating my diningroom and cant find the right yellow, ( too dark too green ) your is perfect! What color/brand is it?


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